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'Fearless' teenager recalls Kilimanjaro trek

A Kilimanjaro trek held no fear for a teenager from Berkshire, who said she welcomed the challenge of scaling one of the world's highest peaks.

Speaking to Get Wokingham, 19-year-old Kirsten A'Bear said the 2007 Tanzania holiday took place as part of a trip with Kendrick School.

She explained that the jaunt was organised as part of the World Challenge, which also involved scaling nearby Mount Meru.

Ms A'Bear revealed she was "not content" with summiting one peak, prompting the decision to go on a Kilimanjaro trek.

Although the cold temperatures were hard to deal with and she had to wear an oxygen mask at one stage, the adventurous youngster claimed she took it all in her stride.

"At no stage of the climb was I frightened. In fact my confidence was so good that I was nominated to help ferry other people across the difficult parts," Ms A'Bear remarked.

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