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1 in 10 Londoners have gone on holiday to avoid the Games

According to a survey by the travel organization ABTA, one in ten travelers are leaving London this summer just to avoid the Games. While most of Britain have been looking forward to London hosting the epic event, for some the crowds and chaos caused by millions of foreign visitors is too much. ABTA claim that the number of people travelling this summer is similar to last year so the number of people leaving to go abroad has been balanced out by the number staying to support their country. Those leaving for warmer climes maybe shunned by their patriotic peers but for some their passion is travel not sport and who are we to blame them?!

Interestingly travelling in the next few weeks is a pretty good plan. Flights abroad for Brits are cheaper and there are lots of last minute deals on offer. As the rest of the world flocks to London, normally busy tourist destinations are quieter. Realistically most of us will probably only watch a few sporting events on the TV after work so why not get away now and take advantage of the peace and quiet?

For those who do want to see some of the events, you can still book now to depart just after the Closing Ceremony. Flights might be a little higher in price but you should still get good trip deals.

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