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Surya Bahadur Gurung

The Adventure Company Leader of the Month February 2010

Winner of the 2010 Group Leader of the Year Award

Country:    Nepal

Trips run:    All major treks and tours including:  EK - Everest Base Camp,   EKG - Everest Gokyo Lakes Trek,   LG - Langtang & LakesAC - Annapurna Circuit,   NP - Adventure Nepal,   AA - Himalayan Explorer

How long have you been leading trips for The Adventure Company?

I have been leading tours with TAC for the last 8 years. In my view Everest Base Camp with Chola pass & Gokyo Lakes is one of the best trekking routes on this planet. People should not miss this tour in their life. However, people who shouldn’t go up to that altitude, they have an option, i.e. 7 days short Everest Trek. This is the highlight of Nepal

What is your favourite activity /event on the trips you lead?

My favourite activity is when I was doing a trip to Pokhara, a couple married in a Hindu culture in Pokhara which was really great. All the group found this different and were happy to know our culture & custom.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing is meeting new people and earning experience about Nepal.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened on a tour?

When I was doing an Everest Teen Trek to Khumbu region, that time unfortunately the weather was really bad and we couldn’t see any mountains. It was the 4th day of the trek and nearly the last day of the trip, all the group members were disappointed but the next morning the weather surprisingly became good and everyone could see the mountains. One client from the group said last night he couldn’t sleep and I said why? In return he said, ‘the whole night he was praying’ and everybody laughed with smile.

In your mind, what is the best place to visit in your country?

In my view, Pokhara is the best place to visit.

In your mind, what is the most interesting custom in your country?

Greeting by joining the hands, eagerness to welcome the guests and giving warm hospitality is the most interesting custom in our country.

In your mind, what is the most important phrase to know?

“Namaste”-greeting in Nepali is the most important phrase to know.

In your mind, when is the best time to vist and why?

October and November is the best time to visit Nepal because of good weather, favourable weather, clear blue skies and lots of colorful festivals.

In your mind, what are the most important items to pack for your tour?

Torch light, reading books, camera, etc

What our customers have to say...

Surya, from Himalayan Adventures is by far the best group leader I have ever come across.  Andrew Gill, EK 12 FEBRUARY 2010

Cannot speak higher of Sunny & Bibek & all the guides - they hugely helped me and others to complete the trek safely. Well organised, understanding, great fun & communication was excellent. Thank-you.  Kate Woodhead & Samuel Johnson, EK 12 FEBRUARY 2010

Surya was a fantastic group leader. He has great knowledge of the local area and kept everyone in good humour. His laugh alone kept everyone going!!  Jacqueline Davidson, EK 26 MARCH 2010

Our highlight of the trip was our leader Surya who ensured all the group were able to get to base camp, and was a fund of information regarding all aspects of the trip. Best leader on any trip I have been on in the last 30 years.  Mary Dwyer, EK 26 MARCH 2010

There are a few people we come across in life that it is an honour to meet. Our group leader was one.  John & Janet Pinner, NP 09 OCTOBER 2009

Surya B. Gurung was at most outstanding and excellent, I couldn’t have met such a nicer guy and I look forward to keeping in touch with him.  Glenn Welch, NP 09 OCTOBER 2009

Surya Gurung