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Zanzibar & Selous - Special birding departure - 14th January 2013

Make the most of the 'green season' in Selous Reserve to observe the amazing diversity of birds. Meet our birds guru and ground handler of Southern Tanzania, David Guthrie and see his introduction to the birding environment.

Why join us in January?

January and February is when many winter migrants come to Selous. The stunning northern carmine bee-eaters are a favourite attraction, often swooping around your car in vast numbers, catching insects disturbed by the vehicle. Another migrating bee-eater, the Eurasian, also arrives in large numbers to join their resident white-fronted, white-throated, little, and rare Boehm’s bee-eater cousins.

What can you see?

This is the period when you sometimes see incredible gatherings of Maribou storks, bateleur & martial eagles, and other raptors combing the ground in vast numbers swallowing up winged termites.

Gather round the waterhole

Around the lake there is always an amazing array of birdlife, malachite, pygmy, pied and giant kingfishers, fish eagles, goliath herons, all manner of waders, including the uncommon white headed lapwing, and the fabulous African Skimmer, making its low level forays across the water.

Another favourite migrant, inhabiting seasonal pools from the December rains, is the wonderfully weird knob-billed duck. Brown headed parrots abound in the woodland near Sable Mountain, along with purple crested turacos, and narina’s trogon. The thick riparian forest which follows the course of our dry riverbeds is also a rich habit for birds and it’s residents include the marvellously melodic forest weaver.

David Guthrie, Southern Tanzania Ground Manager

Here's a taste of the beautiful variety of birds below...

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Lilac- breasted Roller
Lilac- breasted Roller
Black headed heron
African Paradise Flycatcher
Speckled Mousebird
Helmeted Guineafowl
Grey-headed Kingfisher
Lilac- breasted Roller
White Browed Robin Chat
White-bellied Bustard
African Fish Eagle
Giant Kingfisher
Malachite Kingfisher
White Fronted Bee-Eater
Magrove King-Fisher
African Hoopoe
African Fish Eagle