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Sheikh Junaid

Country:  India

Trips Run:  FH - Himalayan Foothills,   FFH - Mountains & Tigers,   NI - Wildlife & Moghul Cities,   FNI - Tiger Trails & Taj Mahal

What is the view like from your office window?

Though, there is just one small window in our office and there isn't much to see but then when I sit by it sometimes and recall all my travels, I can see through it the most scenic views.

What is the best thing about your job? 

Travel & Experience are education in itself. I love being always on the move & meeting different people. Being an Indian I still can't have enough of India, so I do realise what expectations people come with from abroad. I really feel good to give the best possible information to my group members and that's what actually gives me my job satisfaction. 

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened on a tour?

We were on a Camel Cart and one of the Ladies in the group was sitting right behind camel and then the camel started farting indiscriminately :-)

What is the best place to visit in your country?

Well, it is difficult to select just one place from such a beautiful country but then if I have to I will say Varanasi. It is rightly said that "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together".

What is the most interesting custom in your country?

Namaste! The most common & interesting custom- is a general salutation. Both the palms are placed together and raised below the face to greet a person. followed by the 'Teeka' ceremony which is usually performed to welcome guests. Teeka is a mark, put on the forehead, it is a sign of welcome. Not only people from abroad are greeted in this manner but even we Indians when we visit a village in Rajasthan (even some hotels), we are greeted with Namaste and a teeka on forehead. Its an age old custom.

What is your life motto?

My life motto is to give my 100% to the task assigned to me or taken up by me with full honesty & sincerity.

What are the most important items to pack for your tour?

It actually depends on two major things : The itinerary and the weather at that time of year. Generally you should take a good pair of sun glasses, sun block cream, moisturiser, mosquito repellent cream /spray and a scarf which is useful to cover the body at some temples and mosques. 

For trips having one or more National Parks in the itinerary in October, November, December and January, clients should carry with them a wind-cheater/jacket and even gloves for morning game drives, its very cold early in the morning. In fact in December and January, Delhi, Rajasthan, and near by states, mornings and evenings are quite chilly.

  • A small torch (mostly in case of an electricity failure)
  • A bird-watcher/lover should take small binoculars
  • Carry sufficient medication if at all they are Diabetic, Asthemetic etc and all imported medicines if they would not like to take Indian medicines when and if they fall sick at all. ( Upset stomach etc)
  • Diabetic people who usually take Sugar-free in their Tea or Coffee should carry a small box of Sugar-free as at some places it is not easily available.

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