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Ros Murray

Country: North Cyprus

Trips run: NC

What is your travel experience/background?

General holidays such as walking and sightseeing etc, nothing formal. I was a customer in 2003 to North Cyprus!

How long have you been leading trips?

I have been leading trips for approximately three years


What is your favourite activity/even on the trips you lead?

Catching up with the UK gossip! Walking and talking and passing on my local knowledge


What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing, corny but true, is everything about the job, the people, the places and the scenery.


What is the funniest thing that has ever happened on one of your trips?

The funniest thing was following a night out, we started talking about jingles and one we all came up with was, "They're tasty, tasty, very very tasty!"  but no one could remember the product. So In phoned a friend and we sang the jingle down the phone so that she could google it (how sad!). We were so engrossed that I missed the turn on the path, but I realised as soon as the call was over. It was hilarious!!!


In your mind, what is the best place to visit in your country?

The best place for brilliant views is Kantara Castle, for atmosphere it is the Buyuk Han, an Ottoman Turkish kervanseray.


In your mind, what is the most interesting custom in your country?

The way that guests pin money onto the clothes of the bride and groom during marriage ceremonies.


In your mind, what is the most important phrase to know?

Thank you - Tesekkurederim, is the most important.


In your mind, when is the best time to visit and why?

Definitely the best time is from the end of February, through March and into April, because of the abundant wild flowers, especially orchids and the black tulip that is endemic to Cyprus.


In your mind, what are the most important items to pack for your tour?

When I leave in the morning I always pack wet wipes, hand gel and after bite!


Please come up with a short statement that describes your experience.

I have been walking Kyrenia trails for approximately three years now and I love every minute of every day. There is always something different to see from one week to the next, whether it be different shades of colours, varying stages of plant, bush and flower development, the good company, or the wide variety of tracks and amazing scenery. And all in the footsteps of the crusaders.


Can you tell us any interesting facts about your region?

Nicosia is the only divided capital in the world, since December 1963.

The only Persian site in the Mediterranean is on the beautiful island of Cyprus, the remains of the Vouni Palace (5th century).


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Ros Murray
Ros Murray
Ros Murray