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Ndaheya Kahuured

Country:  Namibia

Trips Run:  NA - Namibian Explorer,   ACNL - Namibian Sands,   FNL - Big Cats & Dunes

What are your favourite aspects of the trips you lead?

Going into the Delta & the variety of the environment from the tropical zone into the Namib desert all in the space of two weeks.

What is the view like from your office window?

It changes every day! Great sunrises, deserts, wildlife, vibrant colours and the Etosha pan.

What is the best thing about your job?

Meeting new people – all types of people from all different backgrounds. Sharing experiences around a camp fire, learning about their home. Everyone brings a bit of home with them. What I get most out of leading trips is picking up the customers at the beginning of the trip knowing nothing of the country and them leaving with a rich understanding and passion for the country. 

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened on a tour?

When people try out new food and find out they are eating a Mopane worm! (They don’t actually have to eat it though!)

What is the best place to visit in your country?

The sand dunes for peace and tranquillity

What is the most interesting custom in your country?

The Bushmen, how they hunt and track animals, how they pass on their knowledge and history, how it takes several days to prepare the bows and arrows for their hunting trips. It is such a harsh life. 

What is your life moto?

Take nature as it is and be at one with nature.