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Graeme Fordham - Young Photographer Guide

Meet the incredible professional photographers, who will be showing you the ropes on selected Young Photographer trips.

Who is Graeme Fordam?

A photographer and adventurer, passionate about life, Graeme has sought inspiration and story through photography since his early travels in the nineties. His journeys and unique perspective of the Sinai and Bedouin have featured in publications and remain on display as fine art prints hung in hotels, homes and exhibitions around Egypt and Europe. Alongside his travel photography, Graeme works with local and international companies in Egypt, providing images for magazines, promotion and events. He lives with his wife and daughter in the Bedouin town of Dahab, by the richwaters of the Red Sea.

What made you want to be a photographer?

Honestly, it was the excitement of the equipment I’d just been handed down, and the anticipation of capturing my travels that first enticed me. I loved exploring themes. I remember taking mainly portraits in the beginning because the people I met fascinated me so much. Then I started to notice light more and played with landscapes and shapes, rock formations and buildings, noticing how light affected everything, and how it changed from one place to the next along my travels. For me, education in photography came through exploration and experience. That initial excitement turned into a love and appreciation of light and how powerful a moment in time can be. It was always my ideal profession.

What inspires you?

The journey of the image itself is the most fascinating and inspiring part of photography for me. The process of being in the right place; choosing the setup and capture for the images you’ve seen in your mind’s eye, and also being ready and open for those that will appear in the moment. Then the selection and editing process; discovering the detail inside the image, revealing the subtleties of the light and colour within the scene and collecting images together to build a theme. Experiencing how people perceive the end result is ultimately the most inspiring and interesting.

Top tip for taking the perfect shot?

It’s always good to take some time to be aware of the light around you, how things look at different times of the day, how the shadows punch life into things. Remember to give yourself time to set up and to explore your equipment. Be prepared to try something different and experiment, you will always learn something new.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

In what often seems like a previous life I have enjoyed the opportunity to experience a variety of work throughout my travels. I gained a lot from the journey but ultimately never a sense of fulfillment that I could claim satisfied me. Photography has continuously been a strong source of motivation, constantly inspiring and engaging me.

Best travel memory?

It takes a lot to beat the memory of riding my Royal Enfield motorcycle a top the steep cliff edges of the winding river Ganges in the Indian Himalayas. It was a father/son journey through the northwest of India during the late nineties. I had my father’s proudly handed down Olympus OM10 SLR in my tank bag, my father riding pillion and one of the most incredible countries on earth to explore. Quite magical.

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