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Tigers & the Taj Mahal by Honey - aged 10

As we heaved out of the plane, I think all of us were nervous about meeting the other families - each of us thinking about what the families would be like, the kids wondering whether the other children would get along with us and my mum and dad probably hoping we would be normal and polite!

As the first day went by we got to know the other families a bit better, there were 2 other kids involved in this mad adventure and they were quite quiet at first and then their friendly personalities came out.

The Taj Mahal. As it stood there in front of my eyes, I thought I’d never see it in real life. The symmetrical lawn and the stone cold water all leading up to this marble masterpiece of magic. Millions stood there with poses, the ‘ I’m holding the Taj Mahal’ to the ‘I’m lifting up the Taj Mahal’ and the Princess Diana pose, which of course my mother had to do.

For the tiger resort expedition we had to all wake up extremely early, meaning around about 5:45am and the breakfast was just a bite of this or the other. Thinking that I had enough warm clothes on to protect me from the biting cold I jumped outside, jumper un zipped, jacket in my dad’s bag. As the truck started the wind started lashing back at us like a vicious snake trying to attack. I zipped up my jumper, grabbed my jacket from my dad and covered myself for the long FREZZING journey. When we got there my face was covered by my hair and I was clinging on to my sister for life it felt like. However, the animals were amazing! From birds to sloth bears. It was like being in the Jungle Book.


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North India Family Holiday

India, Asia | 10 days
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Families only
India family holiday
Get the best of both the North of India on this eye-opening 10 day family holiday

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