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Zanzibar and Selous trip, 24th July


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Hi all, looking forward to setting off on Saturday! Was just wondering who else was going on the trip.


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Hope you had a great trip and did not find you were the only ones !

Interested on any feedback regarding trip especially the optional day trip to Saadani National Park from Dar es Salaam. I am booked on trip for October and was wondering if 1 day quick dash was really worth the travel and expense.

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We went on this trip at the beginning of July and had mixed feelings about the Saadani trip. To be honest, if you don't go on it there really isn't anything else to do and we were told that everyone else on our tour was going so it felt as though we had to in order to meet everyone. The journey there and back was a nightmare! The traffic through Dar is terrible and after about an hour you leave the decent roads and spend the next 2-3 hours jolting and bouncing along rutted and potholed tracks. It is bearable on the way there but coming back at night when you are tired it was no fun. Once there we were split into 2 groups - half doing the river trip and half doing the vehicle safari and we swapped at lunchtime. The river was fantastic, very peaceful and we saw lots of crocs, hippos and birds but the vehicle safari was less good and we didn't see a great deal - a few giraffe, wildebeest and impala but none very close. Overall I would say it's borderline as to whether it's worth it, especially as it's not cheap, but not sure what else you'd do apart from hang around for the day.


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