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Which down jacket for EBC?


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Hello there,

Was wondering what down jacket people have used, or are planning to use for a trek to Everest base camp.. There seem to a a lot of different weight down jackets out there, and its really hard to compare, but I keep reading how very cold it can get once you get up to Gorak Shep, or if you go up Kala Pathar.

Its early November that I'm going to be there.




Joined: 23/08/2011
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Hi there,

I went last year in mid-Nov and it was pretty cold early in the morning and just as the sun was setting. I took my alpkit filo jacket and wore that with a decent base layer and fleece and I was warm enough. It was pretty warm when we were at base camp in the middle of the day, just remember the suncream :)

Hope you have a brilliant trip, wish I was going back....

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I've also had the Alpkit jackets recommended to me but have checked their website a few times now and they only have one or two sizes in stock, and apparently new stock won't be in till near Christmas which is a bit annoying.

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Yeah, I know about Alpkit and how you have to be dead lucky with the timing to get hold of their stuff. I managed to get a sleeping bag from them once,and it was really good value. They seem like a really sound outfit.

Still.. if Clair84 went in their Filo jacket, and that was good enough then it at least gives me some idea of what to aim for, though alas, probably not at quite as good a price.

Yeah, am looking forward to it now. Though currently feeling a bit daunted about how I'm gonna fit it all into the rucksack!

Thanks for the responses, guys. :- )


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