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Sri Lanka after Christmas!


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Hi folks!

Just thought I'd drop a line and see if I could find any of my fellow travel buddies for this coming December (2010).

I'm all signed up for the Sri Lanka Trip (HSL) starting on the 27th of December... anyone else out there coming along?

Or is there anyone who has been to Sri Lanka and has any good tips or stories?

Happy travels

Toria x


Joined: 02/11/2010
Posts: 2

Hi Toria,

Carmen here, I'm a South African living in London. Just booked this trip; kind of a last minute decision. I was looking for Thailand trips, so I don't know that much about what we can expect from Sri Lanka, but everyone I've talked to says it's beautiful. I actually like not having any expectations and look forward to just discovering as we go along and of course the hands on bit observing the monkeys :)

Look forward to meeting you soon.


Joined: 15/09/2010
Posts: 22

I think you are in for a treat ~ going to all my favourate places. Have been there 3 times in the last 4 years; last time as a guest at a Sri Lankan wedding at the beach hotel in Ahangama where I guess you are staying. The beach next door is great for surf.

Habarana is beautiful ~ the Elephant safari is a bit of fun if you get the chance.
Need a good head for hights to climb Sigirya Rock.
Polonnaruwa ~ Spectacular ruins. Its huge and yes there are plenty of monkeys for you to study.
If you can, try to get a seat in the observastion car on the train ride to Nuwara Eliya. The Sri Lankan railway carriages are old and nothing special but the panoramic views out of the back of the train are memorable.
Visit the local market in Kandy (1 block back from the end of the lake ); better bargins than the tourist shops where you are bound to be taken.

Try to eat out as much as you can as the local restaurants need your support. The Tsunami hit the south west,south and east of the island. The disaster relief money tended to be channeled through government agencies ~ it didn't necessarily end up in the communities that were hit hardest. The main Hotels, and the "official" Tourist shops, are doing very well from Tourism ~ the small guys are still rebuilding their lives.

On returning home, once airside Sri lankan rupee are not taken by the retailers. So exchange rupee back to your home currency before you check in.

Have a great time ~ have an Arrack or three on me.

Joined: 21/10/2010
Posts: 4

Thanks for the comments Clive - it is always good to hear other travellers thoughts, I'm really looking forward to it and wil make a point of supporting the smaller resturants and shops.

Joined: 21/10/2010
Posts: 4

Hi Carmen

Great to hear from you - I am a little bit the same really, it's good not to have too many expectations. I was looking at Africa and moved on to this trip to fit into the time I had. My big love is wildlife so Sri Lanka seemed to tick lots of boxes there, otherwise just looking forward to somewhere new and fascinating... and warm!

Look forward to meeting you after Christmas. Safe journey!


Joined: 04/11/2010
Posts: 2

Just booked, I have wanted to go to Sri Lanka since I was about 10 years old so I can't wait.

All a bit scary as I have never flown anywhere before!

Joined: 21/10/2010
Posts: 4

Wow - I am sure you will find the trip incredible if you haven't flewn before Wendy - have a good journey and look forward to meeting you there...


Joined: 04/11/2010
Posts: 2

Hi Carmen
I belive we will be on the same flight. I was given your Email address but thought I would contact you on here first.

Joined: 02/11/2010
Posts: 2

Hi Wendy,

Please feel free to contact me. Or just lookout for a woman with brown hair reading a Sri Lanka Rough Guide :)



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