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Mount Toubkal Trek 07th Sep


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Hi, my name's Chris.  I've just booked to go on the Mount Toubkal Trek departing 07th September? and just wondered if anyone else had booked yet?  It's my first trip like this and also wondered if anyone had any tips on essential items to take?  Chris



Joined: 23/05/2012
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Hi Chris

I have booked 25th August so not the same week. My daughters boyfriend did the Trekk indipendantly last year - and did not find it over taxing although the heat could be a problem (not the last few days). It was clear in his video diary though the altitude did have some affect on fitness on the last day, I have to say though they did the trek with a full kit.

I read somewhere to take a sleeping mat although I can't find it in the list of things to take. I have been talking with someone who is about to go so he said he will advise me. Have you done any Treking or mounting before - I havent although I have been working hard on my fitness as I want to enjoy the experience.



Joined: 30/04/2012
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Hi Ellis

Thank you for the response to my post. I'm glad to here your all signed up for the trek to, maybe after you've completed yours you could give some inside knowledge!

In regards to experience wise in treking this is my first time doing anything like this. I'm originally from the Lake District and would like to say I have a vast amount amount of experience climbing numerous pikes and mountains but I'd be lying lol. I'm working on my fitness now but looking forward to the challenge the trek will provide.



P.S....I've also heard to take a sleeping mat as well.

Joined: 23/05/2012
Posts: 6

Thanks Chris - will do.

BTW I just bought a small 3/4 size one for myself - my daughter already has one from her treking days....


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