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Looking for peeps that went or is going on the Atlas , Sahara & Marrakech trip on 17 July 2010


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Hey there, I'm going to Morocco on the 17th July ( Atlas, sahara, marrakech) & doing the extension.. I'm going with somebody who I went to Tanzania with last year which was also with the Adventure. It would be great to hear from anybody who has been to Morocco & could tell me a little what to expect etc, what the food is like etc.. Look forward to hear from you


Joined: 15/09/2010
Posts: 10

ah morocco...
i've been there twice now. the first time was with a buddy of mine that i met on a trip to...you guessed it, tanzania.
anyway, it's a great place to visit. for me, the mountains were the best part, but if you like shopping, you'll like marrakech too.
the food was good, but be careful. i got a little sick, but that can happen anywhere.
so when is it that you're going?
have fun.

Joined: 15/09/2010
Posts: 10

sorry for asking when you were going...i'm not very smart, am i?
anyway, i did the toubkal trip in february (about three years ago) and again last june.
the trek is challenging, but for me, the shopping was tougher!
the food we had was generally quite basic, but we were out in the mountains. in marrakech you have quite a good choice. i like my grilled meat, veg and plenty of bread, so i was pretty happy.
in tanzania, i did the kilimanjaro trip. i find these kind of trips are a pretty good way to meet new people, as you all share a common interest or goal.
i only hope your second trip is as good as your first. i think i'm booked on my sixth.
have fun, and take care.

Joined: 15/09/2010
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it is a big thing when you do your first trip, but nerves become excitement after that.
my next trip is yet to be confirmed, but i have a few little walking adventures in the mean time.
sorry to let you down about the shopping, but i did do some, it's just that it wore me out. i'll leave it to you girls.
well it will be good to know how you get on in morocco, so feel free to message me when you get back.
all the best.
take care, daniel.

Joined: 28/06/2011
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Hi daniel, I finally got back to you!! but the plonker that I am, I forgot to hit the reply button, so I've sent a message below!! :-)

Joined: 28/09/2010
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Hey there, Great to hear from you!
Sounds like you had a awesome time for you to have gone back twice!! thats kinda spooky that we both met somebody from the same trip & you have also been to Morocco together to. This will be our second time with adventure and we loved it last year and our guide and cooks were awesome! thanks for the tip on the food , I'll be careful but like you say it can happen anywhere.. what kinda of food did you have out there?
I am really looking forward to seeing everything on this trip but like you I cant wait to get into the mountains! Just glad we are not doing the full trek t but cant wait to get in there and do a little hiking though... I guess we had better do a little excersiing for it!

What time of year did you go? we done safari in July and doing this trip for 2weeks ( including extension obviously) 6 of us are going so far and 4 of us are doing the extension.. but nobpdy has replyed to my post on the site via facebook just yet! All we need is the other 6 to book up too!


Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 6

Ha ha I'll let you off!!
Yep your right about these trips, they are a excellent way to meet new people.. I love it! 6th trip then huh, thats awesome! I must admitt I was a little nervous last year, but it helped by hunting a couple of the great peeps down via f/ b before going..
Basic food is more than fine by me .. Hmm I had a fair idea you were going to go along the lines of the shopping thing!!!
Anyway, I hope you have a excellent 6th trip and also take care and have loads of fun to


Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 6

Yep your definatley right on the nerves tunring into excitement thing.. but by the power of a certain networking site I managed to hunt down 4 peeps and met up with at the airport and sat in the pub until whenever! we hit it off straight away... I do the red adventure luggage tag so I get noticed!! 8 of us flew out and met the other 7 at the lodge as they did Kili! I think all we done was laugh from beginnig to end of the trip! ( obviosusly we there there to do safari and not sit there and laugh and fly back) ha ha
surrounded b y animals at night and tripping over various animal dung at night etc.. is something i'll never forget and wanna do it all over again!! :D

Lol@shopping you guys are best with a beer and leave us women to the shopping! I'm sure I'll have the time of my life
Yes I'll def keep in touch with you and let you know how I got on. And I'll want to here about your little trips before heading out on the biggy of a holiday!

all the best to you to
bye for now

Joined: 28/06/2011
Posts: 39

Hi Daniel, I said I'd get back to you on what I thought of Morocco even though its nearly a year ago!! :-( it went to fast for me.. but I loved every minute of it although the temps got abit inntense... 45 degrees most days .. and boy we didnt know what to do with ourselfs in that heat when we got to the desert!!! I didnt find the haggling that bad ( well not compared to Tanzania anyway) not that we should be haggling in places like tanzania.. youseff our guide for morocco hes great, I keep in contact with him via facebook, hes a laugh!! but out flight from heathrow outwards was a nightmare. Our flight got cancelled but nobody told us why and we got really wound up as they kept saying to us ' another five mins and you can board' but they were saying that to us for hours and feeding us with food vouchers ( just got my v bad joke.. worrying!!!) then decided to tell us it was cancelled as there were something wrong with the plane. So around 10pm we all shot off to get our luggage and headed off to wait for a coach to pick us up and take us to the sheraton hotel! really nice in there.. and all us drained scuffy looking peeps bunddled in their!!! next day we gpt the flight.. but when we all boarded somebody was sick and another passed out we hadnt taken off by this point!! then the pilot decided to tell us we are landing in Marrakech first instead of casablanca.. but we did arrive at casablanca first thank god!!! and if it couldnt of got any worse.. we waited 2 hours for our luggage as it nearly got lost.. and found out our guide had slept on the airport floor as he lives in Marrakech... so a really dodgy start but amazing holiday!! Last week I booked up to do the classic Kenyan safari.. wahooo :-) so how were your trips?

Catch you soon I hope!


Joined: 26/02/2011
Posts: 8


Sorry for hijacking your thread but I was hoping you guys could answer a question or two for me!

I'm off to the Peak of the Atlas (2 week walking trip) in the middle of August.

I currently working out my packing and the list says a waterproof coat.... will a decent fleece do?! I'm fairly good with UK style cold/wet and my big chunky all weather coat (isotek 8000 jobby) seems a little overkill and takes up a lot of valuable space! I barely wear it over here even in winter. Unless it is going to be super wet I don't think it is worth it compared to my fleece/layers.

Any other weather comments/hints/tips gratefully received!


Any advice on weather would be very gratefully received!

Joined: 28/06/2011
Posts: 39

Hello, thats ok , we'll let you off!! hijack away :-)

I'm afraid I'm going to be totally hopelss and say, I cant help you out much on that I'm afaraid. I travelled round Morocco for 2 weeks last year and was awesome... I went in the middle of July and the temps were hitting 45 degrees and it did rain for a little bit one day but was still v ery warm and we dryed out in no time and were just in trousrs and top!!! I would imagine you would be ok with a nice big fleece as they dont take long to dry.

I keep in contact with who was our guide and atm its veeery hot .. past couple fo days Morocco has hit 47 degress , so I cant imagine you'd have any problems!

Is this your first trip on your own?

Sorry I cant be anymore of help

I will be off on my 3rd trip as from the 20th on the classic kenyan and cant wait!
Done a safari in 2009 - Tanzania, camping.., morocco last year and 8 days safari camping in a couple of weeks

Joined: 28/09/2010
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hi folks

i'm doing the mount toubkal 8 day trek ( MO ) at the end of september. first time at anything like this but up for the challenge.

i'm getting my own flights. how much should i pay reasonably for transport to my hotel?

is there anything apart from the obvious, that you are really glad you took with you (like imodium, iodine tablets?? etc :p )



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