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Hi all, just signed up to do the Adventure Nepal trip on the 16th October..

I've got a question over kit - be good to get advice from someone who has done this trip (or similar before)...

Re walking boots - I was planning on taken a pair of Merrell all-terrain walking shoes (basically like chunky, outdoor trainers) - would you say these are suitable for this level of trekking or am I better off going for a more traditional walking boot - e.g. one with more ankle support?

Advice would be appreciated!


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I'm going on the Adventure Nepal Trip on the 10th Sept. Same as you don't no weather to wear my ankle support boots or walking shoes.The shoes are more comfy so that might have to be the deciding factor.


Joined: 28/09/2010
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Hi Diane,

Thanks for the reply!

yeah, I've done some more research on this and I'm just going to take my Merrell trail shoes.. Aparently most of the Annapurna trails are pretty established, so trail shoes are ideal..

So, not long until you go then.. All set?

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Hello I would recommend better supporting [u]boots[/u] with Gore-Tex lining.

Either leather or fabric does not matter but lighter the better.

A few years ago I was in the Sanctuary area most pathways were good but there are loose stones which you can slip on and when you add a few kilos of backpack your ankle can be twisted in the blink of an eye. Also sudden down pours in some parts can see parts become boggy even if only for a few meters "Dry feet = Happy Feet"

I wore Brasher GTX (Leather Gore-Tex) were like slippers and also wore Bridgedale socks, now out of around near 40 that were on the trip I did not get one blister!

You are also going rafting I see again boots would be better as if you "go in" heading down rapids you could break your ankle on submerged rocks.

That's just my 2p worth as I always try to be prepared as possible, I would not want to pay a sizable amount to go on an Adventure Trip only to have spent the time in pain when it could have been avoided!

I now use TNF DHAULAGIRI GTX (early days but used on recent Japan 3 week trip no issues 20~25kg kit)
but others; Brasher Hillmasters GTX, Scarpa New Trek GTX, Meindl Borneo pro mfs.......... etc
Food for thought visit [url=https://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/webpoint/webpoint.cfm?BRAND_NAME=&FULL_RANGE=0&FUSEACTION=main&SHOWMESSAGE=0&GOTOLOCATION=0&SESSION_EXPIRED=0&BRAND_FULL_DESCRIPTION=&MENUSTATE=N#app=7491&2919-tag=false&2919-selectedMenuLstIndex3=-1&2919-selectedIndex=4&2919-idGroup1=31&2919-idBrand=-1&2919-group2=Approach/Multi%20Activity%20Shoes&2919-selectedMenuVsIndex=1&2919-counter=9&2919-selectedMenuAccIndex=0&2919-idGroup2=332&2919-selectedMenuLstIndex=-1&2919-group1=Mens%20Footwear&2919-selectedMenuLstIndex2=0]Cotswoldoutdoor.com[/url]

JohnyW [-o< Namaste

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Hi Hannah,

I went to Jordan last year. I only took trainers and think this is suitable. It will be dry. Lots of walking, esp round Petra, but if you have some good trainers they will be ok.

Have a good time.


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My family and I will be going on holiday to Jordan on Tuesday and we were wondering whether it would be better to bring trainers or buy a special type of shoe (ie. walking boots etc.) It is quite an active holiday.


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