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Kilimanjaro Machame Route 22 Oct 2010


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I've just noticed this trip has become guaranteed. I wanted to know who else is going??

I'm travelling with 4 of my friends on this trek and just wanted to introduce myself! I'm really excited about climbing Kili and started to slowly increase walking everywhere... I'm looking even more forward to the trip extension to Zanzibar afterwards! Is anyone else booked on that too?



Joined: 28/09/2010
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Hey Kelly - Great to meet you!
Its going to be a new thing for me and my friends too - but we all are really excited!! I am abit nervous about the camping! Have you bought equipment yet? I've just got the boots last November so have wearing them in.
Training is going okay, just trying to increase the walking as much as I can, I know I can do more. What about you?


Joined: 28/09/2010
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I am going on this trip too! Doing it with my dad and his friend. Am very excited too sadly am not on the Zanzibar extension.
How is your training going? What sort of experience do you and your friends have of trekking? - I'm pretty novice to this but something I've always wanted to do.


Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 2

Good to hear from you - sorry for delay in reply but forgot to check this! Training has started....has been mainly running so far but after doing the Reading Half Marathon a few weeks ago I have now turned to more walking - although it's hard to find hills living in London!!!! Where are you based?
Equipment wise I have my boots and a fairly good jacket but am hoping to borrow as much as I can.
Would be great to keep in touch via normal email which I check more frequently (kranford@hotmail.com)


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