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Guyana Wilderness Escape - 13th October 2011


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This is my first adventure holiday and also my first time as a solo traveller. I'm really excited but a bit nervous. Is there anybody else going who wants to get in touch beforehand?




Joined: 11/05/2011
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Hi Rob,

This will be our fourth trip with the adventure company, who we have found to be very good at what they do.

Before we chose to travel with them, we used various other companies - which do not measure up to TAC.

I think there is only 4 or 5 on the trip; we have been on trips with other single travellers; you do get looked after as everyone we have met so far are like minded and generally not up their own backside!

Relax, you'll enjoy it! See you at Heathrow for a drink!!



Joined: 17/03/2011
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response. It's reasssuring to see you have had good experiences with TAC before. It will be interesting to hear about your other trips as I'm planning on doing some more next year if this one goes well. 57 days to go! I can't wait.


Joined: 12/08/2011
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Hi Rob and Mark,

We are really looking forward to it as well, we only booked about three weeks ago and there were 9 people booked on then so I guess it's 11 now, which is a good group size.

I've also used TAC before and they were very good then, so I'm sure we're in for a fantastic adventure!

See you all soon,

Joined: 12/08/2011
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Hi All,

I completely agree with Mark and Sadie's comments, I've been on several trips with the adventure company and had a great time on all of them; usually about half the group are solo travellers so you won't be the only one Rob.
What's everyone looking forward to the most? I'd love to see a jaguar... and that crazy-looking cock-of-the-rock...

See you in a few weeks,


Joined: 17/03/2011
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I'd like to see a jaguar too. I'm also looking forward to the canopy walkway and kaiteur falls. Did anyone else take the kaiteur falls option?


Joined: 26/07/2011
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Well it looks as if there will be two Rob's on the trip! This is Rob B!
Not travelled with this company before but impressed so far. I travel a lot each year and will have been to Ethiopia by the time we meet. I was informed that there may not be enough people wishing to join the falls trip so anyone wishing to go please sign up!
I will not be travelling with the group as I intend to avoid any stop overs in the states. So will see you at the hotel when you arrive.

Rob B

Joined: 17/03/2011
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How much cash would you recommend bringing and in which currency? Are the inclusive meals usually enough or am i going to be spending a lot on extra food and drink?

Rob C

Joined: 12/08/2011
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We booked last week for the day trip to the falls and it has been confirmed so I'm guessing there's enough people going now, can't wait :-)

I've always found the inclusive meals are more than enough. Regarding currency I think we'll take either US$ or UK£ but haven't decided how much yet. I don't think there's going to be a great deal of opportunity to spend much anyway!

Bye for now,

Joined: 13/09/2011
Posts: 2

Hi guys and gals.

I booked 2 days ago to come on the trip in October. A real last minute thing.
I have travelled with The Adventure Company before and had a great time in South America travelling around Brazil.
I am looking forward to meeting you all and experiencing Guyana.

Only a few weeks to go and i have done nothing to prepare so far.
Must get things organised.


Joined: 13/09/2011
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Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.
I have been in touch with Angela at The Adventure Company and she has kindly given me loads of good info about Guyana.
I have posted a couple of emails below to give you all a little help if you require it.

Hi Matthew,

Here is the mail that I received from the airline when I was double checking last year.

“Hi Angela,

We earmark 20lbs free baggage for all our passengers, any excess you will have to pay for once we can accommodate it. We take your weight when at the check-in area it is normally in pounds. Hope I have assisted in some way.

Warm regards,

As I said on the phone, I am sure you can get away with a bit extra, by certain means! And it may be that you will need to pay a small surcharge, but I have never heard of anyone having to do this.

I’m on photo number 14 on the web site with Casius! Check out my husbands photo of the Rufus Winged Ground Cuckoo, a very rare bird indeed! Not many photos of them around.

I’m going to e mail my friend Colin Edwards at Rock View Lodge and check whether you can drop your laundry there before you head up to Rewa, (and then it will be ready for when you get back) or if Rewa does laundry.

Things to look out for!

Farine (dried); grit to sprinkle on your food; if Ron Allicock is your guide, he will have it on his breakfast, lunch and dinner! Cooked farine is lovely through, a bit like couscous. You will find rice with nearly every meal.
Sausages for breakfast with be of the tinned frankfurter kind, as trying to get anything else is almost impossible. You can get some sausage thing sent over from Brazil, but the cost is absolutely ridiculous, you could get a fillet steak in this country cheaper.

Bette Rouge, tiny tiny little mites, that if they get you, you will itch like nothing you have ever experienced before!

If you can find any cashew fruit,(from the cashew nut) try it, it is delicious. My husband Clive enjoyed the odd glass of rum and lime on occasions (many if I remember rightly!) Rum is really cheap and very good, so you might want to pick up a bottle in Georgetown before you head down to the interior.

Wine is imported and very expensive. Ginger Ale is in fact Ginger beer, my favourite!

Although you will see everyone in western dress and speaking English, most of these guys go home to a traditional life style, little thatched houses, subsistence farming, no beds but hammocks, outside toilets etc.

Let me know if you think of anything else,

Warmest regards

Have asked Colin at Rock View and he has said best to get your laundry dropped off there before you go to the landing to get on the boat up to Rewa. Then you will have some nice clean clothes waiting for you when you return.

Rock View does have a laundry room and people who just do laundry so this would be better.

So make sure you let your tour leader know this is what you want to happen.

Many thanks

Joined: 17/03/2011
Posts: 5

Hey all, if anyone wants to meet up at heathrow you can give me a call tomorrow on 07981 738496. See you soon, Rob C


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