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Everest Base Camp 2nd April : Anyone going ???


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Hi my name is Garry just quick message to say HELLO fancy a chat if your on this trip


Joined: 06/10/2011
Posts: 4

Hello! we are going on this trip too. super excited about it! you organised?

Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

Nearly sorted just a few bits to get. I'm thinking of going on the training day at the end of Feb. think its 28th ish at High Wycombe. you going. I live in stevenage. Cambell sounds a little further north. lol

Joined: 06/10/2011
Posts: 4

there are three of us going on the trip, myself, my boyfriend Ian and my dad Colin. Yup you guessed right, we are from North of the Border (East Kilbride) so wont be able to go to the training day. think we are nearly sorted too gear wise....we hope!

Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

Sorry name was a bit of a give away. LOL Are you flying from Heathrow if so I will see you all there. Hope the training is going well. At least you have hills to walk up. I'm classifying everything in the UK as hills now, as Lukla airport is twice the height of Ben Nevis. I'm on FB if you want to chat more. Search for garry young from Stevenage.

Joined: 27/01/2011
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Hi Guys

I'm on the trip. Are you all flying out of Heathrow ?
I'm fund raising for Help for heroes and the wiltshire air ambulance. Unable to make the training day due to my shifts but think i'm ready !!!!
you can contact me via my website www.everest2012trek.co.uk

Justin Whatley

Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

Yes I'm out of Heathrow. Will post anything interesting from Saturdays training. see you on the 2nd

Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

Yes I'm out of Heathrow. Will post anything interesting from Saturdays training. see you on the 2nd

Joined: 24/02/2011
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Hi everyone
We're on this trip also, but flying out to Delhi for a few days first so see you all at Delhi airport on 3rd April.

Everybody ready to go??

Mark & Zoe

Joined: 21/11/2011
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See you on the 3rd. Not sure if you have done this kind of thing before but I went to th trek smart day as its all new to me. Below is a summary of the things I found either interesting or important. Hope they help. Garry

Trek smart was a good day. i have tried to summarise it below for you.

Eat local food rather than European style food. There just better at cooking it.
Bel Bat rice and veg is the staple and meant to be good.
try not to eat the meat. hygiene is a bit dodgy and if you do have it well cooked. but recommended to go veggie on the trip
Try and get you stomach use to rice pulses and veg before you go so it not such a shock.
NO alcohol over 4000 meters
Drink at l;east 2ltr a day to help remove acid build up caused by the altitude. 3 litres even better

Always assume its contaminated so take purifying tablets with you

Dollars are good
they will take £'s as well
may need local currency for smaller street traders especially for food snacks.
visa card for hole in the wall in Kathmandu
expect to spend around £20 per day of food and drink

The sun
factor 50 is recommended
take a sun hat

first aid kit / drugs to help
It is suggested we all use DIAMAX. get from GP on private prescription. You may know but it speeds up the breathing so you take in more oxygen. @ 5000 meeter oxygen in lungs is only 50% of normal. DIAMAX very important at night when you naturally slow your breathing.
blister plasters
nail clippers
pain killers
Imodium or such like
may need det spray lower down.
bites must be dressed to stop dust getting in and infections
zinc oxide tape for toes. wrap them when sore to stop blisters
baby powder for feet. use every night
any other basics

customary to tip 10 - 15% porter will earn £8 ish a day
We should agree between us what we will give
give tips directly not to leader. make sure they get it.

try and get it before you leave as the que can be very long. several hours if your at the back

Make sure any insurance covers helicopter rescue above the snow line.
My insurance I have with the bank account which I was told would be ok when checked only did rescue upto 3500 meters. Adventure Co insurance is meant to be very competitive.

Joined: 06/10/2011
Posts: 4

This was really usful as a checklist.

Was a bit surprised that they advise getting Visa prior to going. Everything else suggests no need for extra expense and just to get it at the Airport on arrival. I have downloaded the application form for completion before arriving which might save some time waiting for a form. Will check with my quack re Diamax and also broad spectrum antibiotic.

See you at Heathrow probably

Colin Campbell

Joined: 27/01/2011
Posts: 3

I have looked at the cheapest way to get to the Airport. I'm using Megatrain.com and have got a single train ticket from Bath to London for £1 , Yes just £1. There is a 50p booking fee.
There is also Megabus.com who do the same but it's on a coach. Prices do vary but you need to book now to get the best prices.

On my return train trip I used trainline.com, the trick here is to find the train trip you want by entering your details then click on get time and prices. This will now bring up the train times and routes etc, click on get prices, you will be given a price. If you want to save even more money try breaking the trip down and buy seperate tickets for example Bath to Chippenham, Chippenham to Swindon, Swindon to London. I did this and saved around £32

Anyone else know of tricks you can use to save money ?

Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

just a few things i've found out today. the hotel in Kathmandu is the Tibet hotel. looks ok on the web. and there is 18 booked on the trip

Joined: 15/09/2010
Posts: 42

Hi guys, i did this trip last year and i was just looking at your checklist on the above post.
Your guide will carry antibiotics and administer them if needed as he did to a couple of people who got sick on the trip. He also carried Diamox to use only if needed. I really wouldnt worry about using it to be honest. No one in our group did. I got my visa before via post. It only took 4 days. You still have to wait foreveryone else doing it at the airport so its either or really.
To save money use water tabs all the way up as the bottled water gets very expensive. take your snacks with you or buy in Kathmandu.Dont forget strepsils for the cough you will most likely get from breathing heavily in the cold air. I reccomend the apple pie in Namche and the cake at the bakery in Tengbouche. Yum!
Hotel Tibet is nice and there is a nice outside area for breakfast and an Everest beer later in the day. Its also just a short walk from the Thamel district. Your guide will tell you exactly how much money to take on the trek with you and how much to tip. We tipped in Stirling. You will have an amazing time.I cant wait to go back to Nepal
Enjoy your trek. If i can help with anything else just ask. :)


Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

thanks Adell its always good to find someone who has done the trek.

Joined: 24/02/2011
Posts: 2

Hi, for those who haven't yet arranged any travel insurance, www.adventuretravelinsurance.co.uk is really competitive on price, and it's adventure pack policy includes helicopter rescue for altitudes over 2000m

see you all in Delhi!!

Joined: 13/04/2011
Posts: 15

Have a great trip guys see you all in Kathmandu when you finish!

Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 10

yep hope to see you in the Tibet Hotel. where be the ones drinking having a party


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