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EBC April 2nd


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Anyone going on the EBC trek on 2 April? Would be good to hear what people are doing training wise and what equipment you're gonna take/ get in Nepal.




Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 6

o:) I am going on the Goyko Lakes route to EBC on 2nd April, is this the same trek? In preparation I am trying to get every other weekend in the mountains but Christmas has now taken over. Still deliberating about what kit to take.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 6

I'm travelling alone too - looks like I'm the only Gokyo Lakes person so far..... I am presuming AC will send us the info for visa's and essential kit. A friend who has been to Nepal has told me to hold off getting too much kit as you can buy it really cheap in Katmandu - even though its not the real thing the Mountain Hardwear duvet jacket she has looks good enough and cost her a fraction of the cost. Mates are already giving me their wish list of kit...

I'm in Northamptonshire which has no hills but this gives me a great excuse to get some mountains bagged - the hubby has given me a full pass out including a week in Scotland during February. I just want not to get ill and see some amazing sights. Counting down the days......

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 6

Are you all the EBC trek - anyone going via Gokyo Lakes????? I'm getting worried that it'll be me, a sherpa and a yak!!
Turned 40 this week so my lovely family and friends have brought me lots of pressies for the trip - silk sleeping bag liner and a primaloft jacket ( lighter, smaller and more compact than a duvet). My new boots are also very snug and warm - the best boots I've ever had.

Had a fab weekend in the lakes in the snow last weekend and feeling quite fit.

I'm now really counting down the days and can't wait.

Any of you raising money for a charity? I'm trying to raise funds for The Children's Arthritus Trust through justgiving.com so my fundraising will start next month.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 6

I'm getting really excited now, will get my visa on arrival in Katmandu as this seems the easiest option. Eagerly awaiting final information from AC. Are we all on the same flight to Katmandu with a stopover in Delhi from Heathrow? Typical work is manic and is messing up my training so just waiting to go and have an amazing time.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 5

Hi Andrea, Gokyo Lakes trek is a bit too hardcore for me I'm afraid. I'm just doing the normal EBC trek.

Yeh I'm using Christmas as a good excuse to avoid any proper preparation just yet. No point in getting fit and then ruining it all through a week of mandatory partying. Not the best philosophy I admit but any reason to avoid the gym.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 5

Hi Natasha. Yep I'm travelling on my own, you? I'm gonna hold off on buying kit till after xmas, hopefully take advantage of Jan sales.

I'm relying on running as well to boost my fitness levels, but I guess I'll have to start hitting some mountains pretty soon although London isn't really blessed with too many peaks. Don't really know how the altitude is gonna effect me but I'm not the heaviest guy so maybe I can get the porters to carry me if things get too tough.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 5

I think if you've got a UK passport then you do need a visa (says this in the trip notes) but in the email i got from AC it said they'd send us the info on how to get these 8 weeks before we leave, so I'm just gonna wait till then.

I'm going from Heathrow yeh. Not looking forward to the flight. Hopefully will be able to sleep through a lot of it.
5 hrs for Ben Nevis? No idea how long it normally takes but that sounds like an impressive effort. I'll try and convince my mates to do some mountains with me, otherwise I'll just climb the stairs a lot i guess.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 5

I just got bought a primaloft jacket and some new boots too. Love 'em. Got them from that Itchy Feet shop - they really know their stuff in there.

Less than a month now. Cant wait

Joined: 15/09/2010
Posts: 2

o:) Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me Ive just booked this too!!

Im a runner so am upping my mileage over Christmas and into the New Year, although from everything Ive read it seems to be luck of the draw and not fitness that determines how you fare with altitude sickness?!

Kit . . . Im waiting for the kit list, but have been googling like mad though! Google Adventure sports holidays - Everest and click kit list - seems to be pretty comprehensive!

Are you both travelling alone?

I am so delieriously excited!


Joined: 15/09/2010
Posts: 2

Yep I am on my own! I did Ben Nevis in the summer up and down in about 5 hours - its the highest Ive been and I dont really intend doing much mountain type stuff until we get there now! I am in Cambridgeshire so its pretty flat! I am just going to stick to running and hope my lungs hold out! Although I do a lot of walking (currently in the snow) with my dog.
I couldnt resist a trip to Millets this week and they have some great deals at the moment - their gift section has up to 70% off. I got a giant microfibre towel for £12 and a headtorch for £7 ish.
I was reading the December departures and the guys in there were talking about visas - Im pretty sure I read we dont need a visa - am I right?!
Are you leaving from Heathrow on the 2nd? I am!

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 2

Hi, I'm all booked up for the 2nd April and leaving from Heathrow. Trip looks amazing, really looking forward to it.

Training hasn't really started yet, although hoping a week of snowboarding will kick start it! Planning on running and some hill walking, maybe some swimming.

Haven't got my head around the kit list yet!

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 2

I'm very excited too, just think this time next month we'll be in the thick of it!

I also found Itchy Feet great and the guy who helped me out had been up to EBC the same time of year that we are out there - said it was great and we'd have a fantastic time. I've also got some gear from Kathmandu - if you join their summit club (£5) then you get silly discounts on some stuff.

I'm on the heathrow flight in the evening, can't remember off the top of my head what time. Might be nice to meet, although I suspect we'll be easy to spot - I wouldn't normally opt to wear walking shoes on a flight!!

Looking forward to meeting you all and an amazing trip.

Joined: 28/09/2010
Posts: 1

Hi all,

I have literally just booked it, and I cant wait!

Training for me involves going to the gym, and playing football...Guess I should step it up!

Now what are the jackets everyone is going for? As I am confused with all the options, guess just a warm one


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