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Active in the Pyrenees in June or any time after! For people to say hello and get advice etc.


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Hi Jamie and John and anyone else going to Andorra this summer!

I've created a new thread cause I noticed you two had started ones for specific dates that aren't very active, there doesn't seem to be many people using this forum so I thought the 3 of us could club together for advice etc?

I am on the 17th June holiday so would maybe see people on the one before and after briefly if we are using the same transport, we could say hello! Anyway, I'll start off with asking for a bit of advice. Has anyone been to Toulouse cause I need to book a cheap nights accom (hostel preferably) for the night before and after the hol as I am making my own way there. I was trying to book the International youth hostel but no online booking and they arent replying to my email. I need to find somewhere near to the station (i think this is where the airport shuttle leaves from) as it will be a Sunday so public transport may not be great and obviously I don't want to miss meeting people at the airport. I might try tipadvisor for this.

I will add that I am travelling from Glasgow but spending a few nights in Carcassonne in France first and one night after the trip as well as one night in Toulouse either side and then a few days in London after.

Have either of you been on this type of holiday before? What are you thinking of doing on your day off? I was thinking Via Ferrata as I did a day of something similar in Germany, it was amazing! But I may just want a days rest too.

Looking forward to some chat even if we aren't on the same holiday! Lynda


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