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Finding your Perfect Family Adventure

Booking a family trip is exciting, but with so much to consider it can be daunting too. We want to make sure you pick a trip that suits both you and your children's interests and abilities, so take a minute to read our quick guide.

  1. Decide where to go when
  2. WhereToGoWhen

    Check out our handy 'where to go when' guide. We've chosen the best times to visit your favourite places, so if you'renot sure what season is best for walking in Nepal or when to avoid the monsoon rains in India, just refer to our guide. Alternatively pick the school holiday you want to travel in and check our suggested trips.

  3. Decide the Adventure level & type
  4. Now you've chosen your destination, choose the type of adventure you want to go on. We've graded each trip according to the level of adventure, culture and wildlife in the itinerary.

    Adventure Level

    This represents how active you'll be every day, how many early starts you might have and how different the environment and climate will be.

    Easy Journey times are short and the itinerary is relaxed with plenty of daily free time. The climate and environment will be pleasant so ideal for all, particularly first time adventurers.
    Gentle You'll enjoy activities and experiences most days, but none will be physically challenging. The climate will be steady and accommodation comfortable so suitable for everyone.
    Moderate Some days will have early starts. They'll be activities of mixed physicality with some travelling most days. Accommodation is standard, some nights may be isolated locations.
    Demanding You'll be on the go with activities and travelling most days. Your surrounding environment will be off the beaten track and some destinations may have a changeable climate.
    Strenuous A packed itinerary will mean most days will have early starts. The environment may be rugged, isolated or at altitude for a majority of the trip, so suitable for travellers who adapt quickly.

  5. Use our age guides
  6. Most children on our trips are aged between eight and 13 and the minimum age is highlighted on each trip page. We also offer dedicated teenage trips & departures (11+). Our Travel Consultants can confirm the ages of other children already booked on trips and find departures with similar child ages to your family. Every child and family is different so we suggest you use the adventure grades to help you decide if a trip is right for your children.

  7. Speak to an expert
  8. Our expert and friendly Travel Consultants are happy to assist you in any way they can and they have firsthand experience of many of our trips

    If you have questions about a trip or want suggestions about where to go, and what's best for your family, our Travel Consultants are on hand to help.

    Call us on 0845 450 5316

  9. Trip Notes
  10. Under each trip on the website you will find the Trip Notes. They include a full day-to-day itinerary, packing lists, visa and vaccination requirements and country details, such as currency accepted, tipping practice and key phrases. You can also ask a Travel Consultant to email or post the Trip Notes to you.

  11. Book your trip in advance
  12. It is important to remember that flights during school holidays sell quickly and the prices increase as seats are filled. To help get the lowest flight cost we recommend booking early, three to six months in advance. And if you do book six months prior to your date of departure we will give you 5% off.