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Czech Republic

Region Highlights: 

Historic town of Prague

River Vltava

Interesting architecture

The Czech Republic was formed form the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1989, and is one of the most vibrant and interesting countries in Central Europe, a great place for an adventure holiday to get to know the interesting cultural and natural highlights of the area!The great city of Prague is the most famous city in the country, and with good reason. Take the time to wander among the narrow, winding streets of the city and gaze across the river at the majestic castle and the red terracotta roofs that are a familiar sight to the city.

Prague is not all that the Czech Republic has to offer, as you have the chance to visit the countryside and see some of its natural splendor. Historic old town and castles dot the magnificent countryside, such as the old town of Cesky Krumlov and its 13th century castle. Still in good condition today, this is a fascinating insight into the history of medieval central Europe.

On the way to get here you can see lush meadows, verdant farmland and rolling hills as a reminder of the great natural beauty of the area. The country is not only renowned for grand architecture, but also quaint villages such as the site of Holasovice which has preserved a more peaceful and quiet way of life in a traditional folk Baroque style. You may have the chance to visit here and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the Czech Republic!  

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