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Used The Adventure Company twice....so far!

We've used The Aventure Company twice so far. South Africa 2007 and Namibia 2008.
The guides in South Africa were great. Ruben with his knowledge of snakes and Hendrick with his knowledge of birds made the travelling interesting. In Namibia Raymond and Joe were likewise knowledgeable and very interesting to talk to.
South Africa.
Friendly group of guests. Over two years on and everybody has kept in touch with each other. We're planning on going to Borneo in 2010 and we have arranged to go with a family that we met in South Africa. Another family we met in South Africa have been contacted who is checking their diary to see if they can make it.
Our kids MSN most of the other kids from both South Africa and Namibia at least once a week.
As with South Africa we met a great group of people and again we have kept in touch with a couple of families via facebook and msn. Joe, one of the guides, sat down and explained how he had cooked a particualar meal. We've tried to make it since and it worked. Very tasty.
With the exception of the "chalets" in Walvis Bay the Aventure Company have provided excellent accomodation and guides.

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