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Traveller's Tales- Saharan Sands adventure 2013 by Yvonne Alexander

"Mum. Are you SURE we're in the middle of the Sahara Desert?" said my eight year old son, Evan, looking around, incredulously at the extraordinary, beautiful, silent, lunar landscape around him. I could understand his disbelief. We live, slap bang in the middle of London, so arriving by camel and constructiing a desert encampment, miles from civilisation, was like nothing we'd ever experienced before.

Our night camping in the desert was the third day of our Saharan Sands holiday. Evan and I, along with the other fifteen members of the grou, made up of eight adukts, incuding several single parents, like me and seen children, aged between six and sixteen were gettign along like old friends. We'd all learned how to tie a "ceche" (pron. Shesh), the scarf worn by Morocco;s Berber people to protect them from the sand, wind and sun (and allegedly, evil spirirts). We also had some real Berber poeple in our group - our wonderful guide, Mohamed and a team of expert camelteers.

After we'd put up our two-man tents and the camelteers constructed our loo - a hole in the ground with a tent on top, we settled down to have lunch, a delicious lentil stew with plates of rainbow-coloured salads, prepared by the extremely talented chef tho was travelling with us. There were a few flies looking to join in the feast, but hey - who could blame them?

The afternoon was spent having some very sandy fun as we climbed to the top of the 'Everest' of sand dunes, just by the camp. The adults marvelled at the view and everybody went sand-surfing - sliding down the dunes and watching the streams of sand form an almost liquid appearence. As the sun went down, Mohamed and the younger members of the party played a game of desert football.

After watching a life-changing sunset we ate another marvellous meal in the communal tent. Then, in the pitch-black desert night, lit by stars, the camelteers sang, accompanying themselves on water containers serving as makeshift drums. "Why don't YOU sing US a song," said Mohamed to the assembled Brits. After some debate, we realised the only song we all knew was the Hokey Cokey. Singing, "put your right arm in, your right arm out," with our Berber hosts was the most surreal, unforgettable moment of an incredible holiday.



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Sahara Family Holiday

Africa, Morocco | 8 days
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Families only
Camel Trekking - Morocco Family holiday
Leave everyday life behind as you journey by camel across the sand dunes of the Sahara on this exciting and great value family holiday.

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