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Top 10 tips for Tanzania - by Lucien Millard, aged 8

1. You must remember to take your malaria pills every day - swallow them with a banana is the easiest way.

2. Just as we did at Longleat Safari Park in the UK, when we went on the Longleat Family African Safari we took a pair of binoculars to spot giraffes and even smaller animals.

3. It’s a good idea to remember to bring a torch because Africa can be very dark at night.

4. Don't be surprised if an elephant charges at you - but don't panic at any stage. Ask the driver to return to the road if necessary.

5.If you do not like the food you can just order a pancake - or some bread and butter.

6. In Zanzibar, you can buy great football shirts for either Tanzania or Zanzibar. We challenged some local children, who play barefoot, to a game. It was great. They were really good!

7. There is no need for a wet suit because the sea is so lovely and warm.

8. The beds are lovely and cosy and have lovely nets all around which keep you safe from mosquitos.

9 It’s a good idea to remember to take some US dollars because you can pay with them too.

10 The staff are really friendly. At night, they put some food out on a table and a bushbaby came to eat it! They look a bit like squirrels but actually they are monkeys.

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Tanzania Comfort Family Safari

Africa, Tanzania | 10 days
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Families only
Elephants in Saadani - on African Safari
Scout the terrain of Tanzania's only oceanside National Park for Africa's famed wildlife.stay in unique converted Safari suites and learn how to track game and set up trap cameras.

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