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Honey, aged 9. Blog on the Around The Bay of Naples

The things I liked about Italy were these.

Firstly, going up Vesvius. This was quite scary because you felt like you could just topple off the edge (but nobody did). It was also quite cold, with lots of clouds around, so I would advise you to bring a jumper or fleece! Pompeii was another Awesome adventure. I never knew the Romans cooked fast food out on the streets in stone pots, for example. It was sad to see people who had died in the volcano, lying down looking just like us.

Pizza making was really brilliant. We did it in a pizza restaurant in Sorrento. People in Italy really do know how to cook pizzas fast! You get the feel of Italy lots more with a traditional pizza supper. I enjoyed seeing the pizza chef spinning the dough up in the air and always catching it. When we tried to do it we dropped it!

The highlight of the trip for me was the Blue Grotto in Capri. This was AMAZING. You get to the Blue Grotto by sitting in a small boat and going under a tunnel into a cave in the middle of the sea. The tunnel opens out to a magical sea, for me it felt like a blue palace. The colour of the sea was almost fake it was so blue! It was a REAL experience. All the Italian boat men were singing operatic songs and our Dad tried to join in with the Cornetto song, it was so funny.

The families we went with were an experience too! Meeting new people is always fun and you get to find out lots of new facts. Our families came from Leeds and Barnsley and they were great. There was a girl who was my age which was really nice.

We got to know our tour guide very well. Ours was a man called Davide, he was just perfect and all we needed to give us all the interesting facts about Naples and the rest of Italy. He also told us how to say Faster Faster in Italian when we were going around Capri in a motorboat!

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Italy Family Holiday

Italy, Europe | 8 days
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Bay of Naples - Italy
Take your family to Italy to explore the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, discover Capri's , relax and delightful Sorrento and climb mighty Vesuvius

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