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Feluccas & Pharaohs

Wow Egypt, not bad I thought for my second trip abroad. I was going with my Mum, Rachel, Jack my cousin and David, so not perfect as David is a bit mad! I am Tom, aged 10 when we went in August 2007.

One of my favourite parts of the holiday was the felucca boat trip down the River Nile, mainly because all the kids were on one boat and the adults on another. We all got on really well and played cards, gambling for M&M sweets. Cool!

Mummy and David also said this was a highlight for them, sailing down the river, watching local life go by, relaxing, chatting, enjoying a beer or two and no children! Sounded a bit boring to me!

David also played football with all the locals when we moored up in the evening. He didn't seem to be as fit as them and after only about 10 minutes was very hot and sweaty, but still carried on pretending he was David Beckham!

Another favourite part was the Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids. We went in to one of the Pyramids and also saw King Tut's burial chamber, discovered by Howard Carter. At the Cairo Museum, we saw Tut's burial head piece, which was amazing and I couldn't believe it was in such good condition after all this time.

The camel riding near Aswan was also brilliant. At first I was scared to go on the camel but I rode with my mum. It was still a bit scary but after a little while it was great fun as we tried racing the other camels and my new friends. One of the other boys, Billy, who was always laughing and a bit mischievious, rode his camel very fast and was soon in front of everyone. We thought he was going to disappear off in to the desert, but my mum found a quick burst of speed, well the camel did anyway, and we caught up. It was a bumpy ride to start with but what a great desert adventure, so different to the green oasis of the Nile, only half an hour behind us.

The snorkelling at the Red Sea was incredible because it was the first time I had done anything like that in my life. I saw a shoal of clown fish and lots of amazing coral with dazzling colours - fantastic!

My favourite hotel was in Luxor as it had a swimming pool which 'floated' on the Nile. Jack and I had a lovely big room as well.

Sharif, our tour leader, was great fun, very kind, helpful and great with all us kids. I made lots of new friends, saw so many new things and had a fantastic holiday. The worst part was getting on the plane home.

Our Family holiday in Egypt
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Egypt Family Holiday

Egypt | 9 days
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Families only
Egypt Family Holiday, camel trekking
This Egypt family holiday is full of fun and discovery - sail up the Nile on a felucca, travel by sleeper train to Aswan, explore ancient monuments including the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and snorkel over coral reefs.

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