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Family holidays in Egypt

Our Family Holidays to Egypt are packed full of experiences to cater for the whole family. With tour guides to help you and like minded families to share the experiences, you can relax and enjoy a wonderful Egyptian Holiday. Many of our travelers are keen to share their experiences on our blog, so you can get a personal view of the holiday that awaits.

We went on Feluccas and Pharoahs in the middle of August, with our four children aged 6, 8, 11 and 14. Everyone said “Isn’t it going to be too hot?” and “Isn’t Egypt dangerous?” No, and no. It was hot, but not dreadfully humid, and there were shady spots at all the sites. Chilled bottled water was available everywhere. There was no civil unrest, and the quietness meant there were no queues. Anywhere. Hooray!The best thing was the sheer variety of the trip. No-one was allowed to get bored. No sooner had we digested the awesome Pyramids than we were off, rocking across Egypt on an overnight train (whose beds were clean, comfy and had proper sheets). After the train, it was time for a boat trip. Via a camel ride and a local Nubian meal (delicious).

 If your kids are allergic to museums, don’t worry. There is only one visit, at the start, to the  Egyptian Museum. No whining from my lot, however,  because a) everyone had their own headset to play with, and b) we were only shown about eight masterpieces before seeing the famous glittering treasures of Tutanhkamen.  If you want an academic, in-depth survey of (say) Middle Kingdom hieroglyphics, this trip is not for you. This is Egypt’s Greatest Hits. But if you haven’t been to Egypt before, and you are with your children, it’s ideal. 

Harrassed parents? You can truly relax, as someone else is in charge. Thanks to Max, our lovely local guide, buses appeared when they were supposed to; food arrived when we were hungry. Tickets, camels and snorkels? In correct size and order? No problem. Even when we turned up a bit late at the Sphinx, Max magically persuaded the officials to let us in. I had zero responsibilities. Bliss.  All I had to think about was whether everyone had enough suntan lotion on. 

Yes, you need to be slathered with the stuff. Other things I was glad I had brought were: No-water antiseptic hand gel (to avoid upset tummies), sun hats (for shade on the camel ride),  tissues (there is no loo paper anywhere bar the hotels, which are lovely and posh) and closed-toe trainers (stops the sharp sand around the Pyramids getting in your feet). Don’t bother bringing coats, i-Pods or socks.   

Our children had eight other kids to play with, which was fantastic. It’s important to remember though that the other parents might not want to be surrounded by your  offspring all the time. So we used the scheduled downtime to go off exploring and haggled for souvenirs in the bazaars, which seems to be something of a national sport. We returned to the UK with a spate of knowledge, bags of gloriously tacky memorabilia, and new friends. 

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Egypt Family Holiday

Egypt | 9 days
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Families only
Egypt Family Holiday, camel trekking
This Egypt family holiday is full of fun and discovery - sail up the Nile on a felucca, travel by sleeper train to Aswan, explore ancient monuments including the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and snorkel over coral reefs.

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