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The Family Adventure Company put their customers in greater focus …

We all know what it’s like to be a customer and over countless times we have all experienced varying levels of customer service from outstandingly excellent to “how can they get it so wrong”  poor  service.  If you pick up any business magazine or view most adverts you’ll read how many companies are these days claiming that ‘It’s all about the customer’…

At The Family Adventure Company we have always prided ourselves on our pioneering spirit and innovation so in February and March of 2014 we invited the ‘Investor in Customers’ external accreditation and awards body to conduct a thorough independent assessment of our customer service and experience.

The survey was conducted with over 2000 customers and over 50 travel agents and we were delighted to receive an ‘Outstanding’ Investor in Customers award. This is fantastic news and reflects the strength of the relationship that we hope we have built with you over 25 years and one we want to continue to build on in the future.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. We’ve already run a series of internal workshops and promise to review every piece of feedback that you provided. For example some travellers felt that leaving feedback after your trip was a more complicated process than it should be. We’ve already reviewed the process and the questions we ask and will be launching a simplified feedback system immediately.

Your opinions are important to us. Please keep telling us what you think and if you are travelling with us this year we hope you have a fantastic time exploring our amazing planet.


Tim Winkworth, Family Adventures Product and Brand Manager

Family Holiday Award