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Try a canoe holiday in Croatia

Essentially a water based holiday, and a fabulous experience. Having been left to fend for ourselves whilst my husband and 2 other sons went off on a Scout trip, myself and our youngest boy decided to go and have our own adventure.
Being only 2 in a group of 14 was no problem as the other 3 families were very welcoming and friendly, and the overall group size worked very well.
The main part of the holiday, the kayaking, was very well organised, starting with easy, short trips on the first day and gradually building up our experience so that we were able to kayak all day and go down waterfalls by the end of the week.
The team of 3 who looked after us were fantastic and really helped me to feel like we'd got to know something of the country and their people. The countryside we saw was beautiful: incredibly undulating and green, and the kayaking took us to some extremely remote-seeming gorges, with spectacular highlights.
If I had any gripes it would be that the hotel, whilst in a lovely location next to the river, wasn't great: the air-conditioning didn't work and the food varied in quality. But the holiday itself was well organised, the people were friendly and welcoming and the activities were well planned.
My highlights would be definitely the white-water rafting trip, being sucked through a natural water tunnel and spat out afterwards, and finally summoning up the courage to jump off a 8 foot drop into a pool (having watched my son, who was only 8, do the same thing about 5 times!)

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Active & Teen
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4. Demanding
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Croatian Active Family Holiday

Croatia, Europe | 8 days
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Families only
Water activities
A multi-activity coast-based family holiday to Croatia

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