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Elephants in Tanzania - by Gabriel Millard, aged 13

Their names are Colossus, Charlie and Jan. Despite their names these are not human beings. They are in fact, giant African elephants; and they live in Sadaani National Park in Tanzania.

I’m going to tell about the day when we annoyed Charlie. It started as a normal day (in a safari park); we got up before dawn, had breakfast, had our malaria pills and left in the jeep to go on a game drive. It all started getting exciting when we spotted Charlie about 100 yards away. Rather than take long lens photos, our guide seemed to think it would be a good idea to get rather close. Alarmingly close. After we had taken about 10,000,000 photos Charlie seemed to get a bit fed up about being "papped".

So rather than walking away like a well mannered being, he decided to start pawing the ground. At this point my wimpy dad decided to shout at the guide "isn't it time we got out of here"?!! Everyone was in a panic - apart from the guide who coolly had his fingers on the ignition key- after Charlie trumpeted several times and really began to start charging us, we drove away laughing. A great way of capturing wildlife, and maybe a bit of a safer one, in its element, and at night, is by using camera traps.These are Cameras with an infrared sensor on the front which can detect movement. So when an animal strolls past on its way to a drink, in front of the camera trap, it takes 4 pictures in quick succession capturing the animal unawares. So when they are caught on a camera trap; this is how they behave when they are by themselves. The camera traps also sometimes catch a rare sighting of the lesser spotted tourist attempting to set up and retrieve the camera. That’s us!

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Tanzania Comfort Family Safari

Africa, Tanzania | 10 days
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Families only
Elephants in Saadani - on African Safari
Scout the terrain of Tanzania's only oceanside National Park for Africa's famed wildlife.stay in unique converted Safari suites and learn how to track game and set up trap cameras.

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