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Aussie slang words you might need to know

G’day. You might have heard that we’re part of the Intrepid Group, our Aussie sisters, and being sisters, you’ll often find a few Aussies in your group next holiday. And they make great friends, but sometimes, are they really speaking the same language? In celebration of Friendship Day this past week, we’ve knocked together (and then decoded) our favourite Aussie slang that you might hear on the road with The Family Adventure Company.

Ace – Excellent
That was well worth the trek for the ace view of Machu Picchu this morning.

Our top 5 destinations to chase Pokémon

It’s official: this summer it’s all about the go. As in, Pokémon Go. As much fun as it is helping the kids catch Pikachu whilst doing the school run, chasing Caterpie in the neighbours’ garden or dodging dog walkers to snare Meowth, your kids could be channelling their inner Ash Ketchum say on the shores of Thailand, in the meadows of Andorra, or even from across the pond in Yosemite.

Sound good? Here are our top five places around the globe to play the ultimate Pokémon Go. The time is right.

Ocean adventures: 6 of our favourite

Somewhere for the kids to swim on a family holiday can be the deal breaker when seeking out that all-important adventure. Luckily, we've scoped out the most unique of places to take a dip in, and these waters are sure to keep the kids occupied for hours. 

Dad jokes

Out do dad this Sunday with these crackin’ jokes. We’ve compiled the best of the best.

What does a Mexican put under his carpet?

Underlay! Underlay!

What's the best thing about Switzerland?

I don't know, but their flag is a huge plus.

Meet the ridiculously talented family that travels for a living

Does anyone else remember the Wild Thornberries? The cartoon family from the late 90s that lived in Africa, shooting documentaries, getting into adventures and generally living the dream. They even had a talking monkey. Well we may have found their real life equivalent (minus the monkey thing).

22 emotions you’ll experience flying long haul with kids

So much world, so much airtime. Travelling the world as a family brings plenty of adventure and precious memories. But what about getting there? Long haul. Aiborne. With kids. How many GIFs can you relate to?

1. When you’ve checked-in online and you breeze past the queues

The Woodyer's Andorra Family Holiday

The Woodyer Family recently discovered what it’s like to go off the beaten track with The Family Adventure Company, taking their 9, 11 and 13 year olds on a family holiday to Andorra. Squeezed between Spain and France, the mountainous principality is a perfect place for an action-packed summer activity week.

How to maximise your £££s this summer

As much as we’ll hope for an ‘Indian summer’ or May-day heatwave, we might be setting ourselves up for disappointment this year, as the British weather probably isn’t going to surprise us! Luckily for us, there’s a spectacular world out there, and if you’ve paid in Pounds there are some beautiful places where your family’s Pound, will go a long, long way.

1. South Africa

It’s not all about he who roars the loudest!

Much like half of the population (we imagine), we’ve been eagerly awaiting the 2016 remake of The Jungle Book. The animals, the cast and the big screen action make this version of Kipling’s iconic novel, pure magic. But, we feel a little bad…

Shere Khan has been getting some serious publicity these days. What about the Hathis, the Kaas, the Bagheeras and of course the Baloos. We’ve narrowed it down and created our own top 5 animals we love to spot in India (sorry Shere Khan, you didn’t make the cut today!).

6 family travel myths debunked

Family travel often gets a bad rap. People think it’s all chasing your naked toddler through a hotel lobby while he/she screams for chocolate, or being stuck in a campervan or dreary chalet watching Finding Nemo so many times that you develop an urge to exterminate all marine life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.