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12 hours in Delhi

Delhi is beautiful, inspiring, chaotic and alive. And when you arrive, kids in tow and fresh from an 8 hour flight, it's ideal to have some sort of plan before the holiday gets into full swing. We  know arriving in a new country can be exciting and daunting all at the same time, so to make it easy for you, these are our best picks for a 12 hour Delhi survival itinerary!

6 reasons why Jordan is a perfect family holiday destination

1. One stop hop. A short 5-hour flight will transport you into another world as you set foot in Jordan. Home to a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site, the lowest point of earth and impressive year-round temperatures, it’s a great family holiday destination for an Easter or half term getaway. Jet-lag excluded.


22 emotions you’ll experience flying long haul with kids

So much world, so much airtime. Travelling the world as a family brings plenty of adventure and precious memories. But what about getting there? Long haul. Aiborne. With kids. How many GIFs can you relate to?

1. When you’ve checked-in online and you breeze past the queues

Easter in South Africa

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip through South Africa's little-visited KwaZulu-Natal and all I can say is Wow!

Trip to Machu Picchu 16th August 2014

Hi is there anyone out there who has taken the Quarry Trail?  I have booked for August this year and would love to hear from anyone who has done this trip.


Experience the Volcanoes of Costa Rica

The Arenak Volcano in Costa Rica is one of the country's 50 or more volcanoes. Over the past fifty years the Arenal volcano has been the most active of the country's six active volcanoes. An Adventure Companyholiday in Costa Rica can include time in the Arenal National Park, enjoying thermal springs and heated pools whilst viewing the Arenal volcano. A recent visitor to Costa Rica shared this blog post with us...

Secrets of Tanzania caught on a camera trap

By David Guthrie, Tent With A View

We’re in the great safari lands of Tanzania, and there’s so much out there. Some of it shy, some of it nocturnal, but we have a secret tool that reveals all, well nearly all.

Top 5 reasons to keep smiling about Thailand

From a country that has the reputation for being incredibly friendly and welcoming, I have just returned from the family holiday of a lifetime. With my wife and 3 kids we re-discovered our wanderlust in the Land of the Smiles. 

Here are my ‘Top 5 reasons to keep smiling about Thailand’:  

Tigers & the Taj Mahal by Honey - aged 10

As we heaved out of the plane, I think all of us were nervous about meeting the other families - each of us thinking about what the families would be like, the kids wondering whether the other children would get along with us and my mum and dad probably hoping we would be normal and polite!

As the first day went by we got to know the other families a bit better, there were 2 other kids involved in this mad adventure and they were quite quiet at first and then their friendly personalities came out.

7 top tips for kids on how to take a great adventure travel picture

1.  You don’t need all the ‘gear’.

Here at The Family Adventure Company, taking the ‘perfect’ shot for us is all about the right subject and the right atmosphere ie our families. And we found that we don’t need the latest digital camera and high tech tripod to take it on. A good old iPhone will do the trick just as well and most importantly, if you capture the spirit of the scene, then that’s enough for us! 

2.  It doesn’t have to be what everyone else is staring at.

Why we no longer ride elephants

We at The Family Adventure Company are a very passionate lot; unafraid to speak up about ethical and social justice issues we may be confronted with during our travels.

One of the areas that The Family Adventure Company is most vocal about is animal welfare. We don’t believe that animals should ever have to suffer for tourism.

5 things to learn on an adventure

Going on an adventure holiday doesn’t mean your children have to put their learning on hold. While on holiday, kids and parents alike can learn about different cultures and even pick up some more unusual skills that will be the talk of the playground – and the office - come term time. Tim Winkworth, father of three and brand manager for The Family Adventure Company, shares five skills you can learn on holiday.


1.  Learn how to throw a spear like a Maasai warrior on a Kenya Family Safari

Why it's good to go on a family holiday

Going on holiday can be expensive and take a lot or organising and scouting the internet to make sure everyone’s needs are catered for. Sometimes the thought, “why don’t we just skip it this year?” can come to mind, but here at The Family Adventure Company we feel it’s so important to go on a family holiday, and here’s why:

Adventurous accommodation

Here at The Family Adventure Company, we like to mix it up a bit and give your family unique adventures and experiences that provide memories to last a lifetime: memories that will be enjoyed around the dinner table for years to come.