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The Adventure Company at Trailwalker 2011

100 k. 30 hours. 3 teams. (And a whole heap of awful weather!)

Ever heard of Oxfam Trailwalker? On July 16th, three teams from The Adventure Company set off on a race across the South Downs to raise money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

First steps

The 6am start didn’t look good. One of the worst Julys in 20 years, the rain was absolutely bucketing it down. Mud would stick to our boots and slow us down. And the wind would try and knock us down. As the whistle blew, we began what would become an epic journey.

Lovely weather for it

For the first 8 hours we endured being soaked through by the rain, boot-sucking mud, and gailforce winds. Then the sun came out and everything felt better.

We pushed on to each of the check points (there are 11 CPs in total along the route, where your support crew will meet you, feed you and keep you going), once more amazed by our wonderful support crews, marvelling at how far we’d come and stuffing up on enough sugar to send us skywards. 10 millionaire shortbreads in one sitting was my record.

Night walkers

Nightfall was the hardest. We all naturally felt a little lower at this point, as the temperatures dropped and at 10pm there was still a very long way to go.

The Results:

Trailwalker team 'Walkers Cheese & Bunion' reached checkpoint 9 (90.2 km) at 10.30am Sunday morning (only 1 stage to go!), before surprisingly deciding to stop... Phew!

Andy and Amy, two of our Travel Consultants from the team ‘No Easy Feet’ bravely ventured onwards after a series of bad knees and the loss of two team mates who had to drop out due to injury. They completed the race in 29 hours 58 minutes precisely. Amazing!

But a big hooray goes out to our fast team, who part RAN the race in 22 hours. An incredible feat!


A big congratulations to all!

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Massage time!
Tristan goes for a cheeky massage
The runners get ready
The end is nigh....
Amy and andy make it to the finish!