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The Himalaya mountains must rank amongst the most beautiful in the world, and certainly no visit to this remote kingdom is complete without a trip into the snowy peaks. For the really adventurous, you can trek to Everest base camp or as I did, to Panch Pokhari, at 4050m,  the highest lake in Nepal, but Nepal isn’t just about the mountains. In the South of the country are Chitwan and Bardia National parks which are home to an impressive array of wildlife from Elephants and Rhinos to Tigers. I was fortunate enough to join a WWF project relocating Asian rhino from one national park to the other. Asian rhino are very rare, with only 3000 living in thw wild. With their armoured looking bodies, they must be one of the most impressive looking animals on the planet. If you’re feeling extravagant then a trip to Tiger Tops, one of the pioneering lodges in conservation tourism is in the middle of Chitwan.

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