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Region Highlights: 

Halong Bay

The Mekong Delta

The Reunification Express

Adventures in Vietnam

Nestled between soaring mountains to the west and a beautiful coastline overlooking the South China Sea to the east is a land of vivid colours, rich culture, compelling history and beautiful landscapes – Vietnam holidays are a stunning destination for any adventure trip in Asia. 

Holidays to Vietnam transport you to a destination blessed with superb natural scenery. The deltas of the Red River and the Mekong blanketed in rich a patchwork of emerald-green rice paddy fields, where buffalo roam and dragonflies dance around farmers wearing conical hats. 

In the central and northern regions the landscape changes and a labyrinthine of limestone outcrops loom, none more famous than the pinnacles of Ha Long Bay where an overnight cruise adds a unique element to any South East Asia tour. In these remote upland regions, remarkable indigenous peoples still reside in communal longhouses wearing elaborate tribal costumes and welcoming any visitors that trek to them. 

Even the country’s vibrant main cities contain marvellous treasures, waiting discovering by intrepid adventurers. Vietnam holidays feature a land where modern and ancient Asia combines and you can find yourself riding a very modern motorbike past very ancient pagodas, before sampling out-of-this-world culinary delights.



Family Holidays in Vietnam

Holidays to Vietnam are a superb option for a family adventure trip, the culture, majesty and stunning scenery combining into a rich tapestry that will enthral and entertain no matter what your age. Take a cyclo (cycle rickshaw) around Saigon, spend a night on the Reunification Express and discover the old waterside port of Hoi An. Combine with a short visit to Cambodia and explore by boat the waterways of the Mekong Delta and before taking a  trip to discover the impressive temple complex of Angkor Wat, only on Vietnam holidays!

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Vietnam holidays - Around Halong Bay
Vietnam holidays - Around Halong Bay
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