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Region Highlights: 

Dramatic mosques

Stunning architecture

Follow the Silk Route

Adventures in Uzbekistan

Tread the route of the ancient Silk Road as you journey into the very heart of Central Asia. An adventure holiday into a region which offers the lover of culture and civilisation an opportunity to discover some of the Islamic world’s most beautiful buildings. Explore modern, cosmopolitan Tashkent, its history as a key silk route crossroads still in evidence. Wander around the ancient desert town of Khiva, dating back to at least the 8th Century, yet perfectly preserved. Camp in desert oases, sleeping in a yurt, just like the traders of old and swapping stories under the stars.

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Bukhara is widely regarded as Central Asia’s holiest city with more than 100 officially preserved monuments to discover, while trading domes offer intriguing and colourful goods to tempt souvenir hunters eager to test their haggling skills. Moving on, travellers discover Samarkland, a crossroads of cultures, religions, peoples and languages that has been a centre of artisans and traders, as well as the prize for many a conquering army since it’s founding in the 5th Century BC. Alexander the Great stormed its walls in 329 BC and many other rulers chose to make it their capital in the centuries that followed. This capital of an ancient empire, historically blended refinement and savagery in almost equal measure.

Uzbekistan holidays are one of the world’s more unusual destinations, currently growing in popularity as travellers look to discover adventure on unique trips of their own, away from more mainstream locations. Organised tours are a great way to make this happen, perfect for solo travellers, couples, friends and families.


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