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Region Highlights: 


Bako National Park

Pristine Rainforest

Adventures in Malaysia

Discover the futuristic skyline of Kuala Lumpur and explore the oldest rainforest in the world.  Cycle along forest trails, try rubber tapping, visit an elephant sanctuary, and in the quiet night, witness the beautiful rhythmic flickering of one of the world's largest firefly colonies. Welcome to the diversity of holidays to Malaysia! 

From guided rainforest walks to the crisp, clean mountain air of the Highlands, natural wonders and a rich, colonial heritage, Malaysia is a land of contrasts waiting to be discovered, a fantastic mix of nature and culture, perfect for an active adventure holiday. Those with a head for heights can take canopy walks for a birds-eye view of the steamy rainforest, while back on the ground travellers can spend time at a turtle breeding station for close encounters with these endangered creatures.

Travel to Borneo to see a different side of Malaysia holidays, discovering the best of the states of Sarawak and Sabah. Travel by longboat to a stay with Iban tribespeople in a traditional longhouse, hike jungle trails, swim in waterfalls and learn to fish with your Iban hosts. Come face to face with the orang-utans of Sepilok and learn more about this wonderful yet endangered animal. Maybe even venture into the jungle, travelling down the Kinabatangan River, a great place for wildlife spotting. For those looking for even more of a challenge opt to summit mist shrouded Mt. Kinabalu (4,095m) – a Borneo holiday is a real South East Asian adventure! 


Family Holidays in Malaysia

Malaysia is not only a brilliant destination for adult travellers; it’s also great for nature loving families. The region is very special, and a family holiday to see orang-utans, explore rainforest and interact with local people is unique to Borneo. In addition to the animal spotting, children will love staying in the treetop chalets at Damai and living like tribal headhunters and with the small group element of an organised tour, they are guaranteed other children to share the experience with!

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