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Region Highlights: 

Beautiful islands, including Bali

Fascinating culture

Dramatic Volcanoes

Adventures in Indonesia


The world’s longest island chain dips and rises its way from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific, crossing the equator en route. Made up of approximately 18,000 islands (of which roughly 6,000 are uninhabited) it’s a true adventurer’s paradise. Bali, situated at the heart of the archipelago is a great jumping off point for multi-island exploration. Many who travel to Bali however, are content to merely explore this island gem, seen by many as a tropical island paradise.

The gentle Balinese Hindus live their lives against a stunning backdrop of shimmering rice paddies and dramatic volcanic peaks. Its ancient temples are great to explore while traditional markets allow travellers to practise their haggling skills. Dolphins populate the islands waters, turning boats trips into exciting nature safaris, while those looking to stretch their legs can trek to hidden waterfalls and climb stunning volcanoes. Meanwhile the beaches of Bali are among the best in the world, and a great place to unwind after a few days venturing off the beaten track. Indonesia and Bali holidays are perfect for exploration for any traveller whether they are travelling alone, with friends, as part of a larger group or on a family adventure holiday.


Family Holidays in Indonesia

The wide variety of cultures and history to be found in Bali makes it a brilliant educational experience for children travelling on family holidays. Interaction with local people is for many a highlight of the trip and is a great opportunity to introduce younger family members to the fantastically rich ethnic diversity that the world has to offer.

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