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Holidays in the Americas

The Americas are all about adventure, with a capital A: from nights under the stars in some of the most stunning national parks to making friends with seals in the Galapagos, this is the great outdoors at its finest.

With tropical beaches in Costa Rica, treks on the Inca Trail and classic-car heaven in Cuba up for grabs, our trips in the Americas are geared towards natural exploration and cultural immersion: think of them as a cure for the couch potato!

Anything is possible in the world’s most colourful continents. Take the journey today.

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Where will we stay?

Finding accommodation with character isn’t hard to come by in the Americas: from 4-star hotels in Costa Rica to camping along the Inca Trail and homestays in Cuba, we always look to strike the right balance between comfort and authenticity.

In the Galapagos, it’s better to stay on land rather than a boat. As parents ourselves, it’s best to come prepared and kids need plenty of space to run around.

In Cuba we use a mix of Cuban hotels and traditional guesthouses (known as Casa Particulares) to ensure your family gets to see the real Cuba, through its welcoming people.

In Canada, we take tents equipped for the great outdoors so your family can get back to nature in some of Canada’s most impressive national parks. Think pristine mountain lakes, impressive waterfalls and towering mountains. A nature-lover’s dream.


What’s in store for my family?

Adventure-seekers, beach-lovers or a bit of both? We’ve got it covered for you in the Americas.

Take on a jungle trek in Costa Rica

Set out on a jungle trek through the Carara Biological Reserve where you’ll discover lush green landscapes to explore, spectacular flora and fauna and even the possibility of spotting the rare poison dart frog or the scarlet macaw.

Experience on Costa Rica Family Holiday

Venture into the Peruvian Amazon


A side of Peru not many outsiders get to see, head to a small jungle outpost of Puerto Maldonado, right on the edge of the Peruvian Amazon. You’ll travel upriver into the heart of the forest to learn about the incredible landscapes that make this one of the world’s greatest cradles for biodiversity.

Experience on Peru Family Holiday


Snorkel in search of Nemo in Mexico


Snorkelling in Mexico is out of this world, particularly in Tulum. Head out through an intricate lagoon system that was once part of an ancient Maya trade route: grab a kayak or paddle and hit the waters, or snorkel over the colourful reefs, teaming with life.

Experience on Mexico Family Holiday



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