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Cuba Holidays Discovered

A heady cocktail of Hispanic history, atmospheric cities, Latin culture, wonderful music and coconut palm-fringed Caribbean beaches in a Communist state - now there’s an interesting mix! Cuba is the antithesis of American culture; the lack of advertising and US household names immediately striking (and refreshing), with it’s island isolation ensuring that even the cars have been endlessly recycled - making a Cuba holiday simply paradise for lovers of 1950’s automobiles

A great destination for an adventure holiday, Cuba holidays deliver a fascinating country with much to discover. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Havana and feel the exotic rhythms of the numerous live bands, then journey west to discover the tobacco fields of Viñales, with its strange caves and stunning landscapes. Explore unspoilt Trinidad, with its car-free cobbled streets and vibrant Santiago - birthplace of the revolution and the island’s musical capital. Finally relax on the laid back Caribbean coast, take a boat trip to fishing villages, and snorkel in crystal blue waters. Couple all of this with the friendliness of the local Cubanos and it all makes holidays in Cuba a great choice for active families.

Family holidays in Cuba

Many who travel on family holidays to Cuba tend to base themselves at a beautiful beach and just stay there – but there is so much more to do in this stunning country than enjoy its coastline (although we always make time for that too!). Family adventures on Cuba holidays are an exciting journey into the fairly recent past and are suitable for children of almost any age. Explore a haunted castle in Cienfuegos, head into the mountains following hidden forest paths and visit Santa Clara – home of the last battle of the revolution!

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Cuba holidays - Havana
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