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Lake Malawi

Cape MacLear

Monkey Bay

Adventures in Malawi


Described as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ due to the friendliness of its people, Malawi is a brilliant destination for an adventure holiday. From the isolated villages peppered around Lake Malawi to the vibrant cities scattered through the country, the locals of Malawi have renowned warmth, hospitality and energy, and are justifiably proud of their traditions and culture –evidence of which is displayed in the many traditional dances performed at a variety of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. 

Malawi travel offer a diverse range of crisp mountains, rolling grasslands, deep valleys, sheer escarpments and this gives it some of the best walking routes in Africa – perfect for an active adventure. 

Another major draw for those on holidays in Malawi is its famed, gorgeous lake whose tropical waters teem with more fish species than any other lake on Earth. At 365 miles long, up to 50 miles wide and covering 25% of the country, Lake Malawi is the third largest in Africa and separates the nation from the mountainous coast of Mozambique and Tanzania. By day the lake is a peaceful, massive blue oasis set against the backdrop of the mountains in the southern African Rift Valley. By night it magically twinkles under the lights of the local fishing boats. Our Adventure Company top tip? Dive in and spend some time face to face with the hundreds of beautiful species of fish. You won’t want to get out.


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Lake Malawi