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Africa Adventure Holidays

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Amazing Safari opportunities

Play like a gladiator at Ait Benhaddou

Stunning beaches to unwind on

Home to some of the world's most stunning sights and challenging experiences, Africa holidays will blow travellers away whichever country they choose.

On the north-western edge of the continent sits the coastal nation of Morocco, where challenging climbs in the Atlas Mountains and rich cultural experiences are part of our Morocco holidays. The capital and vibrant city of Marrrakech is known for its mix of cultural excitement - including dancers and singers in its lively squares - and its highly visible religious customs as local people make their way to its mosques. Further towards the east is Tunisia. Head to this nation on holidays to Africa and trips across the Saharan dunes will offer a true sense of peace and tranquility.

Those who travel to Africa's south and east regions will find their trips are equally rewarding and offer the chance to check out some of the planet's most spectacular wildlife in an African safari. Opt for Kenya on African safari holidays and you will have a chance to be shown around the Samburu region by safari guides from the Masai Mara tribe. Animal lovers will enjoy an unforgettable experience meeting gorillas in Uganda, while Madagascar's famous wildlife residents include lemurs and hundreds of species of butterflies and moths. Elephants are the big draw for those who go on South African safari holidays - the Kruger National Park is filled with these magnificent creatures.

Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique and Botswana are also great places to go on African adventure holidays if you want to meet some of the continent's most magnificent animals - cheetahs and flamingos are among the wildlife who roam their spectacular landscapes. Whether mountaineering, going on safari or simply soaking up the continent's ancient history, Africa holidays offer unforgettable experiences year after year.

Family Holidays to Africa

Whether focusing on Kenya's Masai Mara tribe or the elephants and tigers found across the continent, Africa forms a large part of the school curriculum. However, the only way to truly inspire a child is to let them experience the thrill of discovery for themselves - which is where African family holidays come in.

A safari holiday in Tanzania will bring the creatures they see in text books to life, while camel rides in Tunisia allow youngsters to get up close and personal with creatures they could only ever see in zoos back home.  When youngsters get a little older, a tour of Africa which encompasses climbs up Morocco's Mount Toubkal or Tanzania's Kilimanjaro will offer a life-changing challenge.

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