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Andy Burt

Job TitleAndy

Direct Sales Team Leader

About yourself

I joined The Adventure Company early in 2010 on returning from a stint of backpacking around Asia, South East Asia, Australasia and North America. It’s my first role in the travel industry, before which I managed a local branch of a car rental company. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and watching sport; mainly football, cricket and golf.

Snow or sun...which are you?

Sun, all day long

Favourite mode of transport when travelling?


Ever eaten something 'strange' on a trip?

Caterpillars in South Africa – a bit like stale twiglets without the marmite flavour.

Roughing it, camping phobe or somewhere in the middle?

A little bit of everything please!

Favourite destination visited and why?

Japan: it’s like a parallel universe. Just as developed as us, probably more so, but everything has come from completely different beginnings. A uniquely interesting culture

Your idea of the 'ultimate' destination?

Borneo: I’ve been but was sick the whole time so missed it all. Would love to go back, it has the sun, the jungle, the culture, the beaches, amazing wildlife, a massive mountain to climb…

Next stop?

Honeymoon in Barbados!! But for Adventure Travel, China is definitely at the top of the list.

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The Minaret of La Koutoubia, Marrakech
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Trekking in the High Atlas