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Andrew Steward

Job Title

Online ManagerAndrew

Snow or sun...which are you?

I would have to say sun, I've done a couple of skiing holidays but like most people enjoy getting some warm sun on my face.

Favourite mode of transport when travelling?

On a recently trip to Vietnam, I travelled on an overnight train from Hanoi to Hue and l loved it! We left the hustle and bustle of Hanoi in darkness and woke to rolling green countryside. The toilets left a little to be desired but apart from that it's the perfect way to travel!

Ever eaten something 'strange' on a trip?

I've eaten ants, silk worm and tarantula in Cambodia

Roughing it, camping phobe or somewhere in the middle?

Somewhere in the middle, i feel uncomfortable in 5 star but always enjoy a shower after a long day, especially in hot & humid climates. I always think with a limited budget, as long as you've got a clean & comfortable place to sleep then you're best spending more on exploring and enjoying the place you're visiting.

Favourite destination visited and why?

A really tough call, New Zealand was beautiful. Vietnam was my first experience of true Asia with Hoi An a real highlight but overall i think my favourite has to be Cambodia. The people were so warm and welcoming and Angkor Wat is a must for any traveller.

Your idea of the 'ultimate' destination?

I love the sense of exploring and experiencing new cultures, so my ultimate destination would have to be somewhere with a completely different culture to anything else i've experienced. Also somewhere you can get off the beaten track and feel less like a tourist.

Next stop?

Safari in Kenya - I can't wait!