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Karen Landor

Job TitleKaren

Direct Marketing Manager

Snow or sun...which are you?

Snow is required for ski slopes but otherwise I prefer to be warm while I’m travelling!

Favourite mode of transport when travelling?

Train for longer distances - or bicycle/walk if it’s a short distance

Ever eaten something 'strange' on a trip?

I’ve done the usual such as sashimi (raw fish) in Japan and durian fruit in Malaysia. I’ve probably tried some insects along the way but nothing else stands out at the moment!

Roughing it, camping phobe or somewhere in the middle?

Somewhere in the middle – like the locals (well, maybe with some mod cons added!)

Favourite destination visited and why?

Very difficult! I lived in Austria, Spain, Uganda, Sierra Leone so I have some fond memories of those countries. As a traveller, Japan and Thailand – fascinating culture in both those countries.

Your idea of the 'ultimate' destination?

Amazing cultural experience (Culture shock is good!), not many tourists/off the beaten track, so it’s authentic, friendly locals who are happy to interact with you. Variety of experiences – plenty of temples, monasteries, Buddhas – or whatever’s part of the local culture. Rural experience – anything from a tea plantation to being part of a day out with the locals. A walk/trek in a national park. Love local markets – if it’s full of livestock, that’s fine.

Next stop?

Laos, Cambodia, India