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Chris Payne

Job Title

Finance Manager

About yourself

I didn't catch the passion for travel until after i joined the company. My only experience of the big wide world prior to starting here was while growing up and going away on the fairly typical family holidays around Europe. I can safely say travelling is now in my blood and a big passion on mine, second only to football! There are so many places i would love to visit, it's just a case of trying to decide in what order to do them in. If only i had more annual leave.....

Snow or sun...which are you?


Favourite mode of transport when travelling?

By foot as it allows you to go wherever you want

Ever eaten something 'strange' on a trip?

Not so much strange, but eaten quite a few meals in South America where because I didn’t know Spanish had no idea what I was ordering. As long as it tastes good that’s all that matters right?

Roughing it, camping phobe or somewhere in the middle?

Camping is fine with me. Although would never say no to be a bit of luxury either.

Favourite destination visited and why?

Botswana due to the wide variety of animals seen while on safari there.

Your idea of the 'ultimate' destination?

Love Africa. Although any country that can offer you both a mix of new experiences & places to explore and also sun & relaxation will score highly with me.

Next stop?

Bali in July