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About The Adventure Company

About Our Family Adventures

Before booking with us take a moment to consider the challenging nature of adventure travel, as trips of this kind often require flexibility from you. 

All our trips are designed with families in mind, but in order for you to get the most out of your adventure you need to ensure you go with the right attitude in order to adapt to the environment, culture and conditions in which you are travelling.

Standards of transport, hygiene and accommodation will differ to what you’re used to.

Going off the beaten track you see the country as it is.

With this in mind we also recognise we have a responsibility to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to provide the safest holiday environment for you and your family.

As the leaders of Family Adventures with over 10 years experience we know what works and how to build and run a trip which is safe, fun and engaging, maximising experiences and minimising travel.

With this in mind here is our promise to you:


  1. You will visit the key sites at the best time of day
  2. You will get involved in local customs and games 

Vehicles & Transport 

  1. We provide a seatbelt for all passenger ( in vehicles we can control )
  2. All our vehicles undertake regular rigid safety checks
For more information see below


  1. We name all our accommodation
  2. We will always provide safe swimming opportunities
  3. We will accommodate families in accommodation graded AAA or above
  4. A majority of our accommodation is locally run, supporting the local economy
For more information see below


  1. We will room you and your children in adjoining rooms where possible
  2. We will room all children 5 and under with their parents
  3. We will offer triple and quad room discounts where available

Health & Safety

  1. We audit all our equipment, accommodation, vehicles and activities
  2. We provide safety briefings on all activities

All Group Leaders will carry appropriate first aid kits

Trip Classification

  1. We plan trips based on child age and interest
  2. We offer dedicated interest based trips

Sustainable Tourism

  1. We use local English speaking guides
  2. We offset all in-situ travel on your behalf
  3. We support local projects with ongoing financial contributions 

Pricing & tipping

  1. We offer child prices

More information on accommodation

All accommodation must meet our minimum fire, safety, health and operating standards. The properties must also meet the regulations of the country in which they are run.

Hotels will be 2-3 stars and well situated with local character. They will be clean and simple with private facilities (shower/bath and toilet) and where possible offer a joining room facility and swimming pools.

On Collection trips you’ll stay in hotels of a 3-4 star standard. All hotels, camps and resorts are chosen for their character, location and charm, with private bath/shower facilities and swimming pools where possible. They’ll be no multi-share or communal rooms. 

All our hotels are audited on the following criteria:

• There will be means of raising the alarm to indicate guests should evacuate

• Fire Exits will be clearly visible and unlocked, with signs directing customers to them

• There will be emergency lighting

• Balconies should be 1 metre in height with no large gaps exceeding 10cm. In all properties a child will not be able to climb over or through the balcony

• Electricity points will be securely fixed and no exposed wires

• There will be no loose fittings at all, eg steps, window frames, doors, tiles, handrails

• There will be no poor or broken lighting in corridors, fire escapes or rooms

• Smoke detectors will be fitted and working and instructions of what to do in the event of a fire must be provided in all rooms directing customers to their nearest exit. If unclear the Group Leader will inform clients on the procedures on arrival

• The swimming pool should have depth markings and a Life buoy/ring, lifeguard, and pool safety information will be clearly displayed

If the accommodation is on a boat:

• Safety rails should be in place around the boat

• There should be a sufficient number of lifejackets including ones specifically for children

• The operator will have a valid seaworthy certificate and a license to operate

• Emergency procedures are clearly visible

• Safety briefing will be provided detailing emergency procedures

• A first aid kit will be available onboard

• Sufficient number of portable fire extinguishers are provided & serviced annually

More information on vehicles

All transport will meet all minimum safety and operating standards and regulations, this includes airport transfers, tour buses, and transport provided for excursions. If using public transport it’s The Adventure Company’s responsibility to provide the safest option.

Any transport used will have:

• Valid operating licences

• Valid insurance, including public liability

• Records of qualifications of all drivers

• Internal polices regarding minimum driver standards, including driving hours policy

• Records of vehicles’ maintenance

• Incident log, including near misses

• Emergency procedure policy

All vehicles must:

• Have valid insurance including public liability

• Undergo regular mechanical checks (at least once a year)

• Be in general good condition and cleanliness (no broken/cracked parts)

• Hove fitted seat belts must be available for all vehicles wherever possible

• Have tyres, lights and windscreen wipers all in good working order and spare parts must be kept on-board at all times

• Have emergency equipment to include fire extinguisher, First Aid Kit and emergency signage and tools appropriate to the type of terrain and remoteness encountered

• Have emergency exits if over 17 seats

• Have aisle completely free from obstructions

All drivers must:

• Possess a valid driving licence

• Not drive dangerously or erratically

• Drive within the national speed limit

• Avoid using mobile phones whilst driving

• Not exceed the legal maximum working hours and have sufficient rest breaks

• Be medically fit

• Avoid the use of drugs or alcohol prior, during and in between driving hours

• Carry a mobile phone or means of communication in case of an emergency

All boats must:

  • Have valid marine insurance and operating licenses as required in the country of operation
  • Be in general good condition and cleanliness (no broken/cracked parts)
  • Have emergency equipment appropriate to the size of the craft, including life-jackets,

emergency communication system, life rings and first aid kit

  • Never exceed the legal maximum number of passengers or load capacity

The skipper/crew must:

  • Hold the appropriate licence and experience as required in the country of operation

Brief customers on emergency procedures and equipment available on-board

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